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I've been travelling fairly regularly since my late teens, and over the years, have developed a few tricks for keeping my gear lean. So, when RuMe asked me if I wanted to collaborate (#ad), I figured I could use the opportunity to coalesce my tips into one taut post.

Edging into keeping a 'capsule wardrobe' is key to travelling with less (you can see examples HERE x  HEREHERE x HERE), even if it's just a capsule for travel, rather than a capsule for 'life'. Typically I'll pack two pairs of shoes, five tops, two bottoms, a workout outfit, and a jacket for each of us. My husfriend and I share our toiletries (which we keep in an upcycled toiletry bag from Giveback Goods), so we have one bar of soap, toothpaste, dental flosstwo toothbrushes, a shampoo bar, conditioner, zero waste deodoranta safety razor, and a jar of cream that we both use on our hair, body and face.

I use the 'bundling method' to keep my large wrinkle-prone items neat, then roll everything that is smaller, I find the combination of the two to be the best, especially with my husband's clothes which seem massive in comparison to mine.
RUME compression bags | RUME chord tacos | RUME tri-zip baggie | HOM headphonesLOST IN SAMSARA passport holder | BMO sunglasses

I used to use (and reuse) oversized 'texas tough' ziplock bags for compressing my gear and keeping it organized, but I actually prefer the compression bags by RuMe. I managed to fit my full Spring capsule and all my husband's clothing (and our shoes) for an upcoming trip to Texas into the compression bag, keeping it compact and tidy.

My husfriend is a photographer, so between us, there are plenty of wires, chargers and electronic paraphernalia. I have low levels of patience for disorganization, especially when it comes to crossed wires, so use Rume chord tacos, and the Rume tri-zip baggie to keep our lives, minds and moods zen.
RUME compression bags | RUME chord tacos | RUME tri-zip baggie | LOST IN SAMSARA passport holder | BMO sunglasses

SPONSORED POST: This post was sponsored by RuMe (ReUseMe) who designs functional products for conscious consumers. The story, including all content, experiences, suggestions and opinions, are my own. I was gifted all the items with the RuMe brand, pictured in this post. It is with the support from companies like this that I am able to continue researching, writing and sharing these sustainable stories. I'm most grateful for both their support as a brand and yours as a reader.