A few weeks ago, as my husfriend and I slept, someone climbed up into our living room window and robbed us of just about every item holding monetary value that we own. ‬⁣⁣In one fell swoop, 15,000€ worth of equipment we've accumulated over the entirety of our adult lives to support us in our creative endeavours was gone without a trace.

We were completely unprepared, most of our stuff had been purchased second hand so insurance refused to cover it, none of it was backed up, including my hardrives which housed every ounce of text, video, and imagery I've created professionally and personally in my lifetime.
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It was shocking. Not only because the burgalers went so far as to sneak into our bedroom where we were sleeping gathering goods while we slumbered, but also because we hadn't realized how much we relied on our electronics to function in this modern world. 

Though many lessons have been learned in the wake of the experience, the resounding reminder in all aspects of realization has been that less is indeed more. 

While coalescing my clothing into a small and succinct set of much appreciated ethical and sustainable items has been an easy transition over the past two years, the truth is that applying this type of curation and care to all other aspects of my life leaves me feeling more rooted, peaceful and appreciative overall ... even if that 'minimalism', in one theme of belongings is forced as it was in our case.


A few days after the break-in, I was hired by the company my sister-in-law works for to drive a cat up from Paris to London.⁣⁣⁣ The Summer #10x10Challenge, was scheduled to start around the same time, so I packed to participate.

I try to stick to under 15 items no matter how many days of travel I have in store, going so far as to pack only 11 items for 21 days for a trip to Costa Rica and Texas a few years back. My traditional summer capsule consists of 21 items I can style 49 ways, and my Spring Capsule Wardrobe is about the same, but the mini capsules are far more interesting community orientated as I discovered in my first #10x10Challenge this past Spring.


You'll see a lot of repeats from my Spring Mini Capsule, the idea is to have all ten items be made up of things like tops, sweaters, pants, dresses and shoes. I chose ethical, sustainable, second-hand or vintage items from my closet for this challenge (and for life), gathering some of the most versatile items from my favourite conscious companies.

1. CROW Robe
about the brand Built with an ear for such worldly wisdoms, Crow is working to shift clothing back to its more natural state by joining the 'khadi revolution'. One which gives new life to organic fibers that have been harvested manually, handwoven traditionally, and dyed using natural chemical-free dyes. ⁣This robe is incredibly diverse, easy to layer and a light cover for hot summer nights.
about the brand |  This beautiful brand has created a line from all natural fibres which is dyed with leaves, seeds and fruit; removing carbon from the air instead of adding to it. Any 'waste' water created can be used in land irrigation closing out the circularity of the brand's story.  Their undyed apparel, like this top I'm wearing, is free from any of the industry-standard optical whiteners and brighteners and industrial fabric softeners that are found in both conventional and sustainable brands. ⁣

about the brand | A purveyor of responsibly made garments, People of Leisure has created a beautiful bohemian collection, ethically sourced and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. 

4. AUROREI Trousers
about the brand | Ethical, affordable, impeccably made, biodegradable products in a tight capsule collection which you can mix and match to your heart's content.

about the brand | See above 

6. KLOW Sandals
about the brand | Made up of charming French expats who immigrated from Paris to Lisbon, the Klow krew has curated a collection of sustainable products which will allow you to emulate Parisian style with Portuguese ease, combining chic cozy comforts with sunshiney statement patterns from some of the best brands in Europe and beyond. ⁣⁣⁣These sandals are by ethical, sustainable, vegan brand Nae Vegan and are made from upcycled materials. 

7. PO-ZU Sneakers
about the brand | Ethically made with sustainable materials, Po-zu are arguably the most comfortable sneaker company in conscious commerce. I've walked hundreds of miles in these shoes without a single bluster, they're like walking on clouds. 

8. VINTAGE Playsuit 
why vintage? | I have a certain emotional attachment to vintage finds, feeling they often find me rather than the other way around. This little number has been amongst my favourite items of all time since we found one another a few years back. 

about the brand | I've had this grey onesie for ten years now, and it is probably the item that gets the most wear in my wardrobe during the warmer months. It works great for layering, can be worn on its own, and acts as a beach cover-up or pjs in a pinch. 

10. VINTAGE Jean Shorts
why vintage? | I found these little lovelies about ten years back, and while my body might be close to aging out of them, they aren't anywhere close to aging out of use. 


    On top of your 10 core items, you're allowed to accessorize yourself with an unlimited number of accessories. For this challenge, I wore at least one of these ethically and sustainably made items daily to style up the look: