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As I packed up for a trip to London to see my family pre-Easter, I saw a message shared on the EWC's messenger board from my blogger buddy Verena (the creator of the incredibly successful blog/vlog, My Green Closet) asking if anyone would be partaking in the Spring #10x10Challenge, a movement created a few years back by Canadian blogger, Style Bee.

I had seen loads of bloggers participate in previous years, but hadn't yet done it myself as part of the grander group. I finished packing and surveyed the core items I had dropped into my carry on: second-hand jeans, organic cotton leggings, a sweatshirt, a sweater, a button-up shirt, some veja's. I threw on my coat over the linen trousers and valour top I was wearing and slid on my mules, realizing as I set off that I had unconsciously gotten my 10 items sorted. As I sat on the bus to the station checked the '#10x10Challenge 'rules' over on Style Bee's blog to see if what I'd brought would make the cut, or not. Turns out I was close to eh ok.


I'm no stranger to the capsule closet and had been working on transitioning myself to living with less before I started blogging. It was one of the many transitions in life I owe some healing to, as it helped me to face the silly societal scars of growing up in the Canadian welfare system. It taught me that owning less doesn't mean what it used to me; it doesn't fill me with fear and longing or make me feel insecure and incomplete. In fact, it does quite the opposite.

The clothing items I now keep are pieces I feel are a true reflection of me and the life I lead, they ignore trends and embody instead what looks and feels good on my body, each telling their own an ethical and sustainable story. I get ready faster, question myself less, and feel a sense of belonging wherever I go regardless of what I’m wearing. It’s weird to think that something as simple as curating my wardrobe consciously could give me such freedom.

I've shared a few stories on my transition to a capsule wardrobe here on the blog before. Currently, my summer wardrobe consists of 21 items I can style 49 ways, and my Spring Capsule Wardrobe is about the same - then when I travel I try to stick to under 15 items no matter how many days I'm going away, something I tried for the first time on a trip which covered two seasons with only 11 items for 21 days away.


This way of dressing has helped connect me to my clothing and myself, transforming a formerly meaningless set of 'things' to items I adore which have quietly encouraged internal change. Below is my #10x10Challenge outfits, there are tons of other sources of inspiration in this way of wearing, including My Green Closet, Life + Style + Justice, Sustainable Edit, The Curious Button, Andrea Hartman, Caroline Joy, and Style Bee herself.


Core closet items make up the 10x10 selection. Things like tops, sweaters, pants, dresses and shoes. I chose ethical, sustainable, second-hand or vintage items from my closet for this challenge (and for life), gathering some of the most versatile items from my favourite conscious companies.

about the brand | This easy to style, ethically produced, unisex shirt was made by Cosmos Studio, a company with a transparent supply chain. The button-up was produced with fibres and processes which meet STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® all the way down the chain, a standard which ensures that the chemicals used in the textile processing won’t carry harmful substances. Cosmos Studio shirts are 95% more Eco-Friendly than most shirts because of a dyeing technology they have created, a process called GiDelave™, avoids the waste and toxins created through most dyes while significantly reducing water consumption and effluent production by 95%.

about the brand created with the best quality bamboo and organic cotton, Asquith London creates a wide selection of organic women's activewear. Both fabrics which are produced both ethically and sustainably, allow your skin to breath naturally, and the entire collection is produced by a family-run factory in southern Turkey where employees work from 9 am to 5 pm and are given paid holiday.

3. THOUGHT CLOTHING Cardigan Jacket
about the brandThought Clothing, as the name suggests, is a collection of thoughtfully made items which are both ethical and sustainable, for women and men. They use naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool, Tencel, modal and hemp, all free of harmful pesticides and chemicals and sourced responsibly. 

why second-hand? | Shopping second hand is the best and most budget-friendly way to update your wardrobe with something spectacular while intercepting clothing on its way to the landfill.

5. PEOPLE OF LEISURE Spotted Sweatshirt
about the brandA purveyor of responsibly made garments, People of Leisure has created a beautiful bohemian collection, ethically sourced and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. 

6. OFKT Mules
about the brand | made with upcycled leather, OFKT is amongst this extraordinary elite who create with reverent and venerable pace, offering shoes made traditionally by hand in a small Yorkshire factory, designed with a thoughtful and transparent circular story in mind and sustainability and artistry at the core of its brand. The shoes are spendy, but I've worn mine for two years straight and they're still going strong, so they're worth every penny.

about the brandJosé is a travelling brand that aims to develop collections around the world with different craftsmen through ethical trade and ethical treatment of animals. Their first collection was developed in La Paz in Bolivia and is handmade from 100% alpaca wool.

8. VEJA Trainers
about the brand | An exemplary brand in terms of transparency, VEJA creates their shoes ethically and sustainably finding the greenest and greatest ways to produce their shoes along the way.

9. AUROREI Trousers
about the brand | Ethical, affordable, impeccably made, biodegradable products in a tight capsule collection which you can mix and match to your heart's content.

about the brand | see #5


    On top of your 10 core items, you're allowed to accessorize yourself with an unlimited number of accessories. For this challenge, I wore at least one of these ethically and sustainably made items daily to style up the look:

    1. ABORIST Canada Toque
    2. SONYA KASHMIRI Alicia Bag
    3. VINTAGE Collar Necklace
    4. EDGE OF EMBER Statement Ring
    5. ARTISAN & FOX Moonstone Ring
    6. VINTAGE Wool Hat
    7. PATAGONIA H2no Raincoat 
    8. HUNTER Wellies
    9. SECOND-HAND Wool Scarf
    10. DAVEK Lifetime Guarantee Umbrella 
    * the raincoat, wellies and umbrella aren't pictured but I did wear them for half the challenge. Technically the boots and raincoat should be counted as part of the 10, but I wore them out of necessity rather than style ... and had already shot the outfits pre rainstorm ;)