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I started making candles when I was a kid but forgot entirely about how easy it was until a few months ago when Numi Tea asked me to create a DIY for them infusing tea into the recipe. Previous to the rediscovery, we had been buying hoards of soy-wax candles which we scattered around our place to battle the 'badly-lit apartment blues'. It was a bank breaker but a cosy maker so we justified the cost, but as it turns out, the more holistic approach to lighting the (afternoon) night was a more fulfilling and useful skill than we expected.

Unconsciously, I had started building up a random glass jar collection over the past year which turned out to be our saving grace to create the perfect vessels for gorgeous little gifts for the holidays and beyond.

The reason soy wax is so much greener than paraffin wax has to do with the fact that paraffin comes from petroleum (oil, which is a non-renewable resource). Soy candles also don't increase the C02 level in the atmosphere, nor are chemicals needed to scent them, they also last 50% longer than paraffin candles and they burn cleaner too so you won't be inhaling the known carcinogens found in paraffin.

2 tablespoons of essential oil
2L bag of soy wax
Upcycle-able jars, vintage teacups, ect ...
Organic wick
A Pot
Something to wrap your cord around
Dried flowers (optional)

1. Wrap your cotton/hemp string around a penny.
2. Melt the soy wax in your pot and mix continuously until it becomes liquid.
3. If you're using string rather than pre-made wicks, then dip your penny and liquid string into the wax and place it into your vessel, wrapping it around a butter knife to hold it up taught and centred.
4. Pour the wax into the vessel and set it somewhere cool to set. You can add the dried flowers now too.
5. If you are having trouble cleaning your pan, fill it to boil with a bit of soap and any leftover wax should come off.
6. Trim the string.
7. Enjoy!