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Did you know, that if all the wrapping paper we throw away each holiday season was laid out in a line it would reach all the way to the Moon ... another planet, which at its furthest point, is 450,000 km away. The Earth's equatorial diameter is 12,756 km, so that means each Holiday season we could warp the earth 35 x with all the waste we create.

The sad part is, the astronomical numbers above don't even account for a quarter of the problem. Harvesting trees for that waste, processing those trees into pulp, transporting it and processing it uses energy and creates pollution as well. Once you've completed using the paper created in the environmentally unfriendly process of creating paper, you then have to face the facts that IF someone is conscious enough to recycle their used wrapping paper, or attempt to compost it, that the recycling paper is filled with synthetic inks, plastic film, chlorine, and metal-based foils and glitters, so it won't biodegrade. 

For all of these reasons, using fabrics and linens you already have to wrap your gifts with the intention of having the fabric reused, makes sense for the pocket and the planet.

I put together a DIY (below) on how I wrapped my Holiday Gifts this year. Instead of tape, you can tie it up with string to wrap it as you would with paper, or cut it in a square and tie each corner together to save yourself time and 'faffage'.