summer solstice, solstice, ritual, floral, summer, cake, love, consciousness, conscious living, witch, celebrate solstice
Summer offers moments of serene stillness, where the mind is quiet, the body relaxed, and we're entertained even in the silence; feeling a sense of productivity by simply basking in the sun's light. It's a season of abundance and festivity, where the world around us literally bursts with colour, warmth and vitality. 

For centuries, the arrival of summer has been marked by Summer Solstice (June 21st), an ancient celebration which until the 21st century, was observed with mystical revelry. It's a time when purification, health, courage and joy is encouraged, embodied, and emboldened. Bringing a sense of hope and drive, while igniting personal potential through brilliant beams of light, purifying any shadows which cling to one's life.

We live in a society which encourages our disconnection to nature and to self, and thus we've forgotten how to live a life lead by Love, which in turn has empowered fear to roam and rise. 

Summer Solstice gives you a chance to reverse the imbalance, to face your fears and remove them from their place of power.  In order to see the transformation we're all fighting with fear for, we have to realize that we have to literally 'be the change we want to see in the world'. This pushes beyond 'doing the right thing'; recycling, paying taxes and bills, donating to charity, voting, or even 'going green'. It comes from the active consciousness and inherent kindness which must lead how we digest and react to everything. To our own thoughts, to our loved ones, and even to those we hate.

When we vote, when we shop, when we're simply walking down the street, we have to ask ourselves: "am I doing what I'm doing for me, or for we". Any thoughts, words and actions lead by fear are invalid and unhelpful, not just to you, but to the planet, and its inhabitants as well. What good can come from them if they don't come from a good place themselves? 

I read a piece about 'cosmic maturity' in a book recently, which said:
"Every problem, inside an out, is due to separation from Love on someone's part. Thirty-five thousand people a day die of hunger on earth, and there's no dearth of food. The question is not, "what kind of God would let children starve?" but rather, "What kind of people let children starve?""
summer solstice, solstice, ritual, floral, summer, cake, love, consciousness, conscious living, witch, celebrate solstice
The easiest path to happiness and peace isn't in some self-help book, nor is it something which can be bought. It comes from acts of kindness throughout your day, which will not only change what we dislike about ourselves but will also have a ripple effect beyond our sight and knowledge creating a wave of positive motion that washes over all of us. 

Every system we see in the world - socially, politically, economically, biologically has begun to crumble because of our own cruelty, we as a species lack overall in kindness, so if you'd like to see the world transform, the easiest way is to begin to reverse its current flow both within you and beyond you.

I've gathered some old rituals we practised when I was small, before I too forgot how to lead my life with Love and learned instead to lead with something a little more foul. 

We've all been wounded, throughout life, and throughout the day. Whether it be by our own thoughts, the actions of others, or circumstance. And each of us lacks the tools to react to these pains with the strength and smoothness of Love. Take a favourite stone or crystal and put it in a bowl of water with salt. Then lay it on your windowsill to recharge in the sun. On the day of Summer Solstice (Wednesday, June 21st), keep it in your pocket. You can export your shadows in any way you like with it, if you have slow moments of solace, hold it in your palms and meditate, sending any shadowy thoughts out through your fingertips. If you're out and about where meditation might seem kooky, keep it in your pocket and rather and than react to yourself or others, when you feel any form of negativity rise, hold it in your hand and send it out into the stone. 


On the morning of Summer Solstice, etch what you want to release into a candle, then do another one for all your bright blessings. As you light each one, set your intentions, planting those sweet ole seeds of change internally with each thought. Candles represent the strength and bounty of the sun, as well as the strength and bounty of your heart, so leave them burning for as long as you can as a symbol of your desire to burn away any bad thoughts, habits or vibes while igniting your hopes and wishes at the same time.  

The perennial plant St. John's Wort is used in tea to bring peaceful states of being. It has the folk name of 'chase-devil', it protects against bad juju, basically. Make a tea with the herb in it, and as you take each sip, think about a simple remedy to each issue you would like to melt away within. 
summer solstice, solstice, ritual, floral, summer, cake, love, consciousness, conscious living, witch, celebrate solstice
Gather some wildflowers and make a Mandella with the petals, the meditative act of it will help lock your thoughts and wishes to yourself and everything that is around you. 


With colourful fruits and vegetables in abundance, feasting on what is local and seasonal will help connect you to the world around you. Bake a cake or make some food that you can share, enjoying some with friends and ensuring you find someone in need with whom you can offer a plate to as well. 

Immerse yourself in water, whether it is a lake, sea, river, pond, bath or pool doesn't matter. Symbolically, you are diving into your emotional depths, washing yourself of physical and emotional negativities and emerging renewed and recharged for the rebalancing at hand. 
summer solstice, solstice, ritual, floral, summer, cake, love, consciousness, conscious living, witch, celebrate solstice