I'm reading this book right now that my sister-in-law recommended to me called 'A Return To Love', in it the author talks about how love is the only true reality, that every negative feeling is caused by fear, and that fear is a hallucination. I try, with all the goodness in my heart, to not let the bubbles of anger boil up in me, nor the serpent tongue I work hard to silence not spit four letter words of fire in every language I've chosen to learn, at the very sight and sound of the tiny handed horror, the alleged 'president' of those Divided States. 

Donald Trump is the embodiment of ignorance and hate. He represents for me every single thing that has gone wrong with this world, encouraging a society that is as far away from its intended existence as it ever has been or could be. With the actions, or lack there of, of Trump and many who came before him, this world has become a rather loveless place; full of war, hunger, environmental breakdown, prejudice, oppression, and violence because we have grown to care more about ourselves than we do of humanity, care more about power and money and economy than we do of the survival of all living things. Choosing ignorance over the fact that none of what they/we are hungry for will matter if the caverns in which we hoard our horrid hunt is destroyed and along with it, all living things.

Today I saw an announcement that Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris Agreement, this from the 'leader' of the world’s second largest greenhouse gas emitter, claiming the treaty will 'harm' American jobs. An announcement which only confirms his lack of empathy and wholehearted selfishness amongst other evil things. This agreement isn't about a single country's economy or or loss of jobs, this agreement is about making minimal efforts towards saving all living things.  Which is why every country in the entire world has signed the agreement, apart from Syria (because, you know, we've waged a heinous war on them and they've got daily survival to think about), Nicaragua (because they rightly felt the deal did not do enough to protect the climate), and now, The United States of America (because, Trump). 

Despite the imperfections of the Paris Agreement, this signals a rather damaging and serious thing. Since 1990, global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) have increased by almost 50%. These emissions are caused by fossil fuels produced by the oil, coal and gas industries which power our cars, stoves and lights, and heat or cool our homes. They are also caused by methane, which is 70 times more damaging per ton to the earth’s atmosphere than CO2and is formed in the burps and bottom ends of animals (mainly beef) used to produce meat and dairy on a factory level.

At the rate we’re currently going, during this century, that number will rise to surpass the 2°C warming that scientists have set, bringing us to the danger zone of 3°C (+). Though such a minimalistic increase seems insignificant, it’s ramifications are immense; setting into motion a sort of post-apocalyptic state in which 30% of animals will be at risk of extinction, oceans will acidify, wildfires will get bigger, droughts more severe, and entire countries could disappear due to sea level rise

Since the majority of Americans didn't even vote for this tainted toddler, all that is needed is for those who care about their own existence and the existence of their fellow humans is to stand up and scream. No longer is polite dinner table activism enough. It is our responsibility, each of us inhabiting each skin puppet on this planet, to do what we can to have our voices heard and righteously rip up what was and demand immediate action. There's no time to wait for an impeachment, or a new president, or hope for positive change. Our society has to take action into its own hands and from what I can gather, these are the ways. 

It is our responsibility, as members of the species which caused global warming, to partake, pay attention, and unite with an empathetic sense of equality and utmost urgency, before we’re all, as Prince EA so poignantly puts it are “equally extinct”. 
I've definitely listed these actions in other roundups, so I apologise if you've seen some of these before, but as they say, friendly repetition enhances retention and insights action, and thus, for myself and others, I must share these steps as often as possible. 

Much to my own dismay, social media rants do eff all to instigate change (apart from instigating losing friends and alienating people). Pick up your phone and call your representatives. It doesn't matter if you're American or not, make it abundantly clear that you do not support people like Trump and expect your community and country to take proper action. If you're American, follow the instructions on THIS WEBSITE, they tell you exactly how to do it and why. There is a group of 30 mayors, three governors and more than 80 university presidents and more than 100 businesses pledging to meet the United States' greenhouse gas emissions targets under the Paris Climate Agreement, to show Trump they could care less what he does (or doesn't), they're committed as citizens of the world to meet the goals presented.   

Unless you want to keep your own bigoted bullshitter in office, give someone who might instigate radical change a chance. Corbyn is the only running member who I feel can do that. But if you're not sure, educate yourself and don't be a selfish stinker about it. Just because you've always voted for a certain party, doesn't mean you always should. Ask yourself instead what humanity needs, not what you personally need, especially if you are own your home, have a secure job and can afford to put your children in private school. There's a great chart here that gives you a little outline on May vs Corbyn's beliefs HERE. You can google specific bills or policies if you're not sure your own stance on them or want to see other running member's stances. 

Nothing says 'I care about climate change' more than throwing your money at correcting your own actions. The idea of carbon tax is the ‘polluter pays principle' which was incorporated into international law at the 1992 Rio Summit, but not really put into effect. It's like the tax on cigarettes, those who smoke pay a high tax which in turn has caused people to consume less and covered the associated costs caused by the negative side effects on people and society. I've chosen to pay a voluntary carbon tax, I've done a quick video about why I pay mine below. 

You can take the power away from the oil mongers which Trump protects by opting to invest what you pay on your energy bill into green energy instead. According to May Boeve, the director of international climate group 350.org, “The best way to unite a progressive coalition with working class voters is to push for a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all. Clean energy remains the greatest potential job creator in the 21st century, while climate change is still our greatest threat.” In the United States and elsewhere around the world, power from clean energy is already on offer. In general, all you need to do is sign up for it, with most power companies offering a premium for sourcing the power you use from renewables. By making this choice, you’re not only investing in clean energy sources but also signalling to your state and federal politicians that you vote for a greener future. If you own your home, it may be worthwhile to contact MyDomino (mydomino.com) which acts as a green energy concierge by providing a personalised path towards 100% clean energy for your home. Read the full post(s) on My Domino HERE

There are organisations making moves around the world through positive peaceful action. There are various organisations in the U.S, CANADA, EU, AUSTRALIA and so on which are organising protests in the coming weeks. Click your country in the list above to see how you can get involved.  

Currently, conventional banks are among the biggest investors in the causes of climate change. Almost all of the big banks we’re familiar with (and likely do our banking with) have been accused of tax avoidance, financing the arms trade and investing in oil and nuclear industries, amongst other evils. By divesting from the bad banks you're taking their power away and in turn, Trump's power too. You can read more in the blog post HERE or you can watch me ramble on the VLOG instead. 

Facebook is not a great source for news, though I'm as guilty as the next person for being drawn to click through. I found THIS Chrome extension via my blogger buddy Eco Cult which will flag fake news sites, as well as this extension which tells you the bias of what you're reading. Eco Cult is a huge advocate for journalism being crucial to the environmental movement as well, and rightly so, it is through their research, investigations, digestion and delivery that people like you and me are able to hold those who do the environment and our communities wrong, to account. Get a subscription to a local, national newspaper or magazine that is credible and unbiased so you can form opinions and get information the way it was intended to be obtained. You can read Eco Cult's article on Earth Day HERE and on Protecting The Environment HERE for more information.

Keep track with what is going on and have your voice heard by signing petitions. I'm signed up to a number of action organisations to help that rumble turn to a roar. Currently, for the Paris Agreement I've seen these enter my mailbox:
MOVE ON petition. Sign it HERE
CHANGE.ORG petition. Sign it HERE.
350.ORG has petitions based on your country. Sign up HERE.

If you don't have time to stay informed, volunteer or participate (and even if you do) find a cause to donate to. My fellow Ethical Writer's Coalition members and I put together a post just before Christmas which features a number of not-for-profits which aid authentically. You can click through to the donations post HERE if you are having trouble finding a cause to align yourself to. 

It is easier to protest /care/fight climate change if you are informed about climate change. On top of subscribing to and supporting an unbiased and educational news agency, watch documentary films and read informative books. My blogger buddy Tortoise And Lady Grey has created an ethical activist book club that is worth joining for sure, I've also created a collection of books starting on page 4 of my Amazon bookshop (I get a few cents if you buy through these links). You can check out my bookshop HERE

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