When my niece Orla arrived, I felt like my sister already had all she needed for her nursery, so I decided to make something that might not be able to be found elsewhere. 

I had been hoarding leftover fabric and such from when I was making Leotie Lovely clutches, and I had pre-fringed some leather four years back, upcycled from offcuts from the furniture industry, it had been sitting in a bag under my old bed in my brother's house since, waiting to be used. 

So when the idea presented itself, it was one of those two birds, one stone situations, decluttering my big brother’s house and make something special for my niece.

If you want to do this DIY and keep the upcycled vibe, you can use anything you want. Try strips of fabric, wool or string, or whatever you have hanging around. It’s a super easy and meditative process that allows you to upcycle what you have, saving money and the planet all at once and giving you some .

- 1 Stick (driftwood, bamboo, broomstick, broken branch, whatever you have).
- Strips of fabric, string or deadstock leather
- Some second-hand faux flowers (there's a great eco-friendly brand HERE or you can find second-hand ones on EBAY HERE)
- Florist wire (HERE)

1.     Saw the wood stick to the length that you’d like
2.     Cut your fabric/string/leather into thin strips ensuring the length is what you desire when halved in size
3.     Tie each strip of fabric to the stick ensuring the knot leaves the fabric centred on each side.
4.     Add the flowers. If your flowers don’t already have wire attached, add florist wire to secure them to the stick
5.     If they won’t stay put, you can add a bit of hot glue to keep them in place
6.     Put two nails in the wall to hold the stick and your have yourself a wall hanging.