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On this path towards a greater state of eco-wisdom and ethical awareness, I try not to judge other for their choices, eco or otherwise. I've learnt over the past few years, that judgement, for the most part, is counterproductive, and the best way to instigate change is lovingly sharing information and letting those who care to listen come to their own decisions. 

Though my sister, Maya, has been victim to both my early days of passing judgement and my new way of sharing info on ethics and sustainability warmly, I was still overjoyed when she searched out eco-friendly and ethically made products for my niece's nursery with zero pressure from me. 

It is important for all humans, but most important for the tiniest of humans, to ensure the chemicals found in beauty, cleaning, homeware and clothing products don’t end up absorbed into the skin. 

Unborn babies have been found to carry as many as 232 chemicals which can cause immune, reproductive and endocrine system issues, as well as autism, and various cancers. This happens due to the fact our bodies acquire nutrients in two ways: through our mouths and through our skin, so much so that 60% of the substances we put on our skin are eventually absorbed into our bloodstream, therefore anything we put on ourselves whilst pregnant is absorbed by the fetus as well, and anything we put on our children once they're born is absorbed by them ten fold.

There are an overwhelming number of culprits which cause this to occur. To ensure your children are protected, there are a number of steps to be taken. First, check the ingredients and brands you use (for yourself and your children) for safety on the EWG website, they have food, beauty and cleaning products covered with easy to understand information on the risks you take with each one

For clothing and homeware, make sure the fibres you're wrapping your little one in are organic and printed with water based inks or eco-certified dyes. For every 200 gram piece of non-organic fabric, about 150 grammes of pesticides are used. That's nearly as much deadly chemical as there is product, and in our society, especially on the high street, that imbalance is considered completely normal. The same goes for chemical and carcinogen filled fabric dyes which are also readily absorbed into the skin as we sweat. Babies and toddlers are particularly susceptible to this.  

It is admittedly overwhelming to embark on the changes needed to protect yourself and your family from the harms of conventional commerce, especially if you're a parent as time is not exactly your own. I spent the entirety of last year sifting through each product I use myself to clean up my act and find sustainable solutions. I recommend just checking into things as you go to replace them to make it more achievable and affordable. I also recently created a little sum up of my recommended 35 first steps into goin' green HERE, you can also use they search bar in my blog to search for specific products.  

For now though, for new mamas and papas, my sister and I have partnered to offer some nursery options, safe for the generation which will follow.

nursery, eco, ethical, sustainable, vegan, baby, children, conscious children, conscious kids, parenting, mommy blog, green blog, michalak, love mae, orla, hello scared life, baby peppers

Eco + Ethical How? These Hand-quilted reversible baby quilts are made with the softest organic cotton voile and pure organic cotton filling.  Each one is completely unique and dyed with premium Azo-free dyes, creating a safe and cosy piece for tummy time or nap time. Each one is made ethically and hand block printed creating an item made with love to wrap your love bunny in. Baby Peppers also makes eco + ethical cot sheets, toys, hand-dyed kateson onsies, blankets, and storage containers.
* the one pictured is sugar maple and paisley

Eco + Ethical How? This is a beautifully illustrated book for tiny humans which introduces little ones to the five elements, as well as the sun and the moon. This book is illustrated by The Wild Unknown and printed on FSC certified paper.
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Eco + Ethical How? This print is created by a family friend of my sister, as their sons are best buds. They’re also YouTubers and make an incredible weekly family video, which from the few I’ve seen, feels more like a film series than a Vlog. Hannah, the mum and female side of the partnership, is one of the sweetest humans I’ve met, and makes makeup bags for her own brand Maggs London. She produces these prints with her husband (I just saw they have one which says: ‘insufferable hipster twat’ so they’re not all for kiddies, necessarily) which are printed on accent antique paper which is FSC certified or ECF certified (depending on the colour) and block printed in the UK. By purchasing one of these prints, you’re supporting a young entrepreneurial family who happens to have a baby on the way!
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Eco + Ethical How? I made the wall hanging for Orla the day she arrived, it is made with entirely upcycled materials from the bamboo stick and leather strips to the flowers which wrap around.
Where To Buy? You can DIY one yourself HERE.

Eco + Ethical How? These adorable swaddles are hand illustrated with unique British flora and fauna. Each one is made with organic cotton, ensuring your baby is wrapped up in nature’s finest rather than a pesticide cocktail. Each blanket from the fabric to the thread is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.
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Eco + Ethical How? Mat & Nat (material and nature) is a vegan brand which uses sustainable materials to create beautiful bags and accessories. The lining of their bags is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, while various vegan leathers are used in production including PU, which is less harmful to the environment than PVC. They design and produce their own custom hardware and their factories are operated under 5A800 standards with each item is produced ethically.
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Eco + Ethical How? Tale me is one of those brands opening up a future of fashion that makes sense. They've collected a number of eco and ethical brands made consciously, slowly and in a limited edition run for children aged 0-6 and pregnant mothers to be. A bit like 'the sisterhood of the traveling pants', your selections, should you subscribe, will travel through the lives of many women and children before and after you as they grow their child or as the child itself grows, arriving good as new to each doorstep.The clothing is created consciously and ethically with the planet and its inhabitants in mind using organic and upcycled fabrics. It is then rented for a month or may to be worn until it no longer fits by a child or mother-to-be, before being exchanged for items in sizes more suitable. Once the item has been sufficiently worn out and worn through, it is donated at the end of its lifecycle to a factory in the Netherlands which recycles the fabric giving it new life. A proper circular story with future generations in mind.
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Eco + Ethical How? These lovely sheets are made from sustainably sourced super soft Oeko-Tek jersey cotton and printed using water based inks. Each item they produce is made in England and will keep that baby of yours cosy and safe.
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Eco + Ethical How? This is a gorgeous brand for little ones which features beautiful hand-drawn creatures on biodegradable bamboo serving sets which are free from BPA and phthalates. 
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