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I met Anaïs at a Veja event last December. It was one of those weeks my French was not smooth so I spent the majority of the mingling moments being anti-social in the corner, english-ing with the only other expat Parisian blogger I know, Marissa from Rue Rodier. As everyone geared up to leave, Anaïs came over to introduce herself to me and I immediately felt like I already knew her.

She's one of those magic few blessed with a certain type of charm, that both my husfriend and father share, but I don't typically find in women. It's a genuine interest and warmth that is both welcoming and enduring, that sort of radiates around a room silently massaging out tempos of awkwardness or anxiety. Anaïs is the type of person that takes time for everyone but never seems to be disengaged or distracted, even in times of stress. Like my husfriend and father, she radiates a type of love, what the Greeks defined as Agape, a benevolent type of vibe which naturally and altruistically does well onto others by just being around it. 

So when she called me up and invited me to her house for breakfast so I could view her collection, I quickly agreed (plus we live a few blocks away from one another, which for the lazy bastard in me, is an added bonus).

Anaïs' creation is the incredibly conscious set of creations called Les Récuperables (the recuperables), entrenched with that same Agape love, from the upcycled fabrics given new life through her zero waste designs, to ethical production within a philanthropic and inclusive community, locally made from start to finish, in Paris. Les Récuperables is exemplary in the type of revolution fashion needs to model itself by, and the type of circular economy and story that I so vehemently support. 

Considering it takes 2720 litres of fresh water, as much as we drink over a 3 year period, to make one (new) tshirt - brands, like Les Récuperables which turn what would otherwise be amongst the 13.1 million tons of textile waste which is sent to the landfill each year (98% of which can be recycled or upcycled into something else) into new beautiful clothing through upcycling, not only protects our planet, but offers a valuable and optimistic solution to one (of many) waste issues we face.
She uses sheets, curtains, tablecloths, duvet covers, and upholstery which is collected from her partner (and former employer) the incredibly innovative Ressourceries. She takes these items or end rolls, most left over from years before she was even born, and unpicks, inspects and creates around the recovered fabric, rather than the other way around.


Anaïs creates around the recovered fabric, rather than the other way around. Designing around (or with) stains, runs, pulls and the host of other imperfections which can occur when turning something which was a tablecloth, for example, into a dress or shorts. She uses offcuts from larger garments to create smaller things (like underwear, clutches, and totes), ensuring all the fabric that can be used is.


The pieces created by Anaïs and the Les Récuperables team are either made in an insertion workshop, or training centre, outside Paris, which offers fair wages while training workers in the profession. Some of the items are also made in a high school training programme in Paris which are part of their high school training created to offer students experience in creative careers as an option for future employment.

Anaïs is positively and passionately involved in the conscious community here in Paris, volunteering for Fashion Revolution France, and both promoting and participating other peoples projects. She promotes her brand through creative inclusive fashion shows in beautiful public spaces, word of mouth and private sales. I was invited to her most recent one at the town hall of the 9th arrondissement in Paris about a month ago and was moved not only by the crowd and the presentation but also by her words (you can watch it HERE). My blogger buddy Mirela (from Urban Meisters) and I went to the most recent private sale as well, which felt more like an afternoon with girlfriends than a shop, complete with chocolate cake and sparkling water in the sunny second floor of a local brasserie. All the women helping out were friends of Anaïs' and were warm, welcoming and wonderful to interact with. A personal and pressure-free purchasing experience like none other. 
Last year, Anaïs and a group of other creators have created an association called TOUT EST POSSIBLE ('everything is possible') which works towards finding ways to make the general public more widely aware of the issues of ethical fashion by giving interactive solutions by holding inclusive workshops for the public in upcycling, DIY, repair and recycling. 

Les Récuperables launches sales online on MAY 17th




LES RECUPERABLES KIMBO: In the first photo I'm wearing Les Récuperables Rose Kimbo made with upcycled vintage fabric, ethically in France. Each piece is unique but you'll find a similar one online HERE on MAY 17th or at her next  PRIVATE SALE in PARIS at La Recyclerie on APRIL 29th.

LES RECUPERABLES CLUTCH: The clutch I'm carrying in the first photo is by Les Récuperables and is made with vintage upcycled offcuts from the main line production. Each piece is unique but you'll find a similar one online HERE on MAY 17th or at her next PRIVATE SALE in PARIS at La Recyclerie on APRIL 29th.

VEJA: Veja is the Parisian brand which united Anaïs and I, they sell ethically made, eco-friendly shoes for MEN / WOMEN / CHILDREN, you can read more about them HERE.

PHOTOS: 1. Shane Woodward // 2. Holly Rose // 3. Les Récuperables