Just around the corner from Hostal Grau in the heart of Barcelona’s El Raval neighbourhood is a shop full of past relics worth perusing for a while. The store is a feast for the eyes with two floors of ‘American Style Vintage’ treasures waiting to be found, alongside a clever collection of garments made from recycled fabric fit for any sustainable soul.
Each item is priced by weight rather than item, making adding a serendipitously selected item to your wardrobe align with the pocket at long last. Like most vintage shops, you’ll need a bit of dedication and patience to explore every angle as any missed treasures will surely be seen, scaled, swooped up and sold.
Address: Calle Ferlandina, 20, Barcelona 08001, Spain
Phone: +34 931.82.43.87
Price: $$$$$

SUSTAINABLE SWITCH: Find out why Vintage is a sustainable source for your closet HERE 
** I found myself a stunning sweater handknit and embellished with tiny pink roses and a pair of flats for 11.00€ and my husfriend kitted himself out with sweaters and jeans for a mere 30.00€, outfit complete.**