Just outside of the charming country town of Fredericksburg, Texas, and only an hour's drive from San Antonio is a most majestic place made up of shimmering pink granite, aptly named Enchanted Rock.

It offers both mystery and magic, it's landscape transforming as the day's light passes over and around it, spotlighting the beauty of the flora and fauna which sprouts with surprising strength from the seemingly dormant rock. 

Its vast embrace makes you feel like a speck amongst its slews of stardust, uniting self and spirit as you aimlessly wander and wonder each face and side.

A feeling of deep disconnect with nature led me here and past whispers of wise ones reminded me to remove my shoes so I might feel that ancient rock beneath my feet. Its warmth, despite the chill as dusk fell around us, filled me with a serene sense of stimulus - which sent me sprinting and skipping across the rocks like some wild ageless child - freeing me from some subconscious chains so I might celebrate with uncharacteristic carefree confidence.

The whipping winds unwrapped the midnight dream scarf and sent it flying as if to indicate it belonged and continues to belong to all the elements which made its very existence possible.

As I watched the gracious and green gift offered to me by the brand Parivara & Tu lift above me, I thought about the stories which had passed to bring this item to me.

Woven and printed by hand in machineless production, it began its journey from bud to bloom in the pesticide-free fields of an Indian organic cotton farm. From there, it was greeted by ginners who whipped it from its flora phase into a full fabric, then passed it to the hands of an artisan, empowered by opportunity and ancient techniques to turn the ordinary to extraordinary. The technique for this transformation is Bagru printing, which uses wooden blocks hand carved by the artisan and made to last decades, to print patterns on textile by hand - aided by the colours offered by nature’s natural dyes, made from herbs, fruits, teas, clays and other earthbound materials.

As I climbed bare foot towards the summit of the rock, letting this scarf’s story play pictures through my mind, the most spectacular set of colours lit up the sky above and around me as if to celebrate the tale with me, and also bid goodnight.

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