Since my husfriend and I decided to reduce our footprint on the planet by eating locally produced vegan food at home, we've had to get more creative in the kitchen ... and by we, I mean he, as the kitchen is one place my creativity finds its limits. I tend to follow recipes to a tee apart from the odd spur of inspiration, while he can whip up something wonderful in minutes with little more than a glimpse in the fridge and cupboard.

On my birthday last year, my husfriend crept in with breakfast in bed being the charming gem of a man that he is. Amongst the goodies on offer was this cup full of tasty goodness which has become our breakfast staple ever since.

- I put a star (*) beside what you need to make it, any additions are yummy additions but you'll still have something sweet without all the fixings.
- this is for one serving
- * 2 tsp chia seeds
- * 5-7 cashews
- * 2 tsp white sesame seeds (just to blanket the mixture)
- * 1/2 - 1 cup rice milk (just enough to barely submerge the ingredients)
- * 3-4 drops of vanilla extract or 1/2 inch of a vanilla pod
- * 2 tbs gluten free oats / granola
- * 1 tbs agave syrup (to taste)
- 1 tsp flax seeds
- 8-9 pine nuts
- 2 tsp poppy seeds
- 2 dashes of cinnamon
- 1 heaping tbs berry mix: goji berries, dried goldenberries, cranberries, blackcurrants, raisins
- 1/4 of an apple

* Shane makes our directly in the cups we'll eat them out of, but if you're a family of more than two I suggest you do it in a mason jar or bowl and dish it out later.
1. Grill cashews and pine nuts and white sesame seeds until they turn a golden colour and put aside.
2. Put about one heaping tablespoon (1 finger) of granola in the bottom of the glass.
3. Add a few teaspoons of agave to taste.
4. Add cashews (leave two for garnish), dried berries and chia seeds.
5. Add another heaping tablespoon of granola.
6. Add grilled pine nuts, flax seeds, vanilla (pod or a few drops of vanilla extract).
7. Add another teaspoon of agave syrup. 
8. Then fill the rest of the cup with rice milk so all the ingredients are slightly submerged (but there is room for the chia to expand) 
9. Cover and leave overnight.
10. In the morning pan cook a few thinly sliced apples (in water and a sprinkle of agave) and add them to the mixture.
11. Sprinkle the mixture with toasted sesame seeds to cover the top of the mixture (see photo).
12. Sprinkle some poppy seeds and a few crushed cashews (heated up if you want) to garnish it with a few fresh blackberries and raspberries or seasonal fruit of choice). 
13. Enjoy!

PHOTOS & RECIPE: Shane Woodward