Tucked in the heart of Barcelona’s Raval neighbourhood is an hotel like none other, green from the ground up with cradle-to-cradle story at the heart of its creation. It has been passed down through the generations since the end of the war in 1942 when it was first opened as a guesthouse. What started out as a recent refresh turned into a rebuild, coveting what could be reused and finding sustainable solutions for anything needing renewal.

Keeping the charm and history of the old building intact, Monica, the owner and step-granddaughter to the original owner, stumbled onto the abundance of sustainable solutions available for her hotel’s recreation while visiting an LEED certification convention. Inspired by the options, she decelerated the speed of the buildings rehabilitation to consider, embrace and find ways to implement her righteous renovation revelations.   

In response, each room was soundproofed with natural rock wool, the walls were painted with non-toxic water based paint, the lights replaced with LEED lighting, and a vertical garden was installed which cascades down an adjacent wall to greet guests with a brilliant burst of gorgeous green at first light.
The rooms are decorated with oak wooden headboards from protected forests, handmade cocomat and organic naturalmat beds, the floors refurbished or replaced, and the bedside tables come from banana trees. The mirrors, dressers, wardrobes and desks upcycled by a beautiful social project called L’estoc who design, produce, and sell furniture made from recycled materials and disused objects by employing people with disabilities and fostering development through work. 

There are recycling bins on each floor allowing you to dispose of your unwanted responsibly, and the cleaning products used are non-toxic and eco-friendly protecting your health and that of their employees. They’ve even got an ‘off room’ which was made in cooperation with IFLEXIO and ANTENAS Nunez reducing electromagnetic radiations caused by our electronics.  
It is surrounded by conscious places to eat and shop, so plentiful in numbers you could easily spend your time wandering in a two-block radius up and down the streets which fork off like he points of stars from a square just outside the hotel door.

Their airy rooms and minimalist designs makes each room feel like a clean slate, ready for slices of new memories to be displayed. Each morning, freshly baked cake and coffee greets you in their welcoming and spacious lounge which is filled with books, cosy couches and unique trinkets. Upstairs is “apple corner” a cosy reading area with desk space lit with natural light if you happen to find yourself in Barcelona for work, rather than play.

Beyond being consciously and authentically created, what makes this place truly special is the heart and soul that has gone and continues to go into it. It is a personal project which has been carried out with a great deal of love and patience, which is felt undoubtedly as you walk through the space, with nothing but friendly smiles and inspiring sights and stories to greet you.

Hotel Boutique Hostal Grau
Address: Calle Ramelleres, 27, Barcelona 08001 Spain
Phone: +34 933018135
Website: hostalgrau.com
Price: $$$$$