I've had this blog for a while now, though I wasn't really blogging regularly before. Back in the day I would just pick things I liked that were made out of upcycled materials from Etsy before certain 'giving' holidays and do little roundup posts. It wasn't necessarily for other's consumption, this was before Printerest was born and I used this blog a bit like a page to pin on.  

Whenever the 'related posts' section you'll find at the bottom of these newer bits of my work suggests one of those old roundups, reminds I'm always so surprised at A, how shite my posts were and B, how far eco + ethical fashion has come.

Amongst the small but growing number of sweet sustainable start-ups who proves that point is FOMI, a fashion and jewelry brand founded in 2014 by Lithuanian designer Karolina FOMIciova. Her collection consists of a set of unique creations made from upcycled leather and pieces of clothing sourced from manufacturers and discarded vintage goods. These materials redirect some of the 23.22 million tons of leather and 10.5 million tons of clothing which ends up in the landfills each year, repurposing them as base materials to create necklaces, bracelets, and keychains.
Each one is handcrafted making it one-of-a-kind and is unisex, meaning you can share (if you want to) with your partner and siblings. 

It's budding businesses like these and the support we give them that the slow fashion world grows and the fast fashion world, despite all its might, feels a hint of its impending demise as FOMI and others like it, lead by example into a new light. 

You can find Karolina's entire FOMI collection of consciously made creations on her website: 

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