Day 246 / 365

I regret not putting books and crafts in this gift guide as those were creators of nice memories too, when I was small. But I also remember playing games which my hippie mother and her friends made for us which enhanced our ability to collaborate and share, decorating my room with items which enhanced my imagination, playing piano for days on end trying to teach myself disney songs, and receiving the odd piece of clothing or cosy item which I wore day in and day out with great joy. 

I tried, with this selection, to choose things I would have wanted or been excited about as a child, while also celebrating the creators of things both ecological and ethical who have brought what would have been difficult for my mother to find for us in the early 90s with the venders who were available to her. 

I will be posting a list of donations ideas for little ones this week as well as I truly feel donations on our loved one's behalf, especially those who will inherit this planet from us, creates a happy combination of the new and old traditions.

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- 9 Eco + Ethical Gifts For Kids - 

PICCALILLY | Personalized Pajamas | £32.00
Eco + Ethical How? Made with 100% organic cotton sourced through Chetna organic and manufactured to the highest ethical standards, these personalized pjs are a cosy gift for the holiday season and beyond. I spent my entire childhood in flannel pjs and have yet to recover from the comfort of it all.
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NORMAN & JULES | Kid's Electic Guitar | $199.00
Eco + Ethical How? Sustainably sourced with FSC certified wood this guitar is real, made out of real wood and equipped to make real sound. IT comes unassembled as the brand believes building your own guitar is an experience which helps you bond with the instrument on a deeper level. 
Where To Buy? Norman & Jules Toy Store 

PAPER UNICORN | Bowling Pins | £24.00
Eco + Ethical How? This natural wooden bowling pins and ball set comprises of 6 hand-painted solid birch wooden bowling pins, with an accompanying wooden ball. Each one is hand-painted with water based paint & sealed with a non-toxic sealant finish, they are safe for babies and kids.
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TWENTY ONE TOYS | Empathy Toy | $121.00
Eco + Ethical How? Spendy, yes, but groundbreaking also. This toy created by one of my hometown (Winnipesian) homies, Ilana Ben-Ari to ignite positive social change. It is intended (and proven) to enhances creativity, collaborative learning, problem solving and empathy. It is a blindfolded puzzle game that can only be solved when players learn to communicate and understand each other.
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MIOU KIDS | Hat / Scarf | $46.00
Eco + Ethical How? Miou kids is made of natural materials like baby alpaca wool and organic cotton by artisanal women in Peru paid under fair trade agreements. The design and quality of their knitwear is amazing (especially for tiny children and babies). It's owned by a mother of five who comes from France but lives in Canada now, a perfect combination for a designer of stylish accessories to keep your kids warm.  
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CHOCOVENYL | Animal Wall Stickers | £25.00
Eco + Ethical How? These watercolour stickers of trees and animals are illustrated using traditional watercolours and printed on PVC-free fabric which is removable and repositionable. They print using eco inks which are GREENGUARD gold certified. 
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BAMBIZI | Ceramic Bunny Night Light | £90.00
Eco + Ethical How? As ceramics come from the earth, so too can they return to it. This bunny night light provides a reassuring glow and is an aesthetic addition to any room day to night. It is powered using LED lighting and made ethically in England. Her entire collection is made with organic or natural materials.
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IMPS & ILFS | Organic Cotton Lune Sweatshirt | 23.00€
Eco + Ethical How? This brand has been producing ethically since I was in my early 20s and worked for They're amongst the first that I know of in the luxury childrenswear industry who moved into organic and eco-friendly fibres when they became widely available and have continued to produce this way. All of their clothing is eco and ethical apart from a few of their sweaters which have acrylics mixed in with their wool. 
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PEACEFUL NINJAS | Peace Sticks | $25.00
Eco + Ethical How? My husfriend's friend Shine has started a peaceful revolution with his collaborative game which embodies the energies of yoga, chi gung, martial arts, tribal dance, music and community weaving. It uses sacred, crafted sticks to throw and catch with another in a moving meditation to create unity and reduce competition between players. It is a physical cardio work out which connects neural pathways between the left and right hemisphere of the brain to increase mental abilities, development and help with mental disorders such as dyslexia. It is a practice based on non-judgement and collaboration which develops self confidence and friendship.
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