Day 248 / 365

I always find it harder to buy for men than women. Most men have what they need. The requirement for abundance is perpetuated significantly less on them through society and media, than it is on their female counterparts. In fact, for the most part, they're encouraged to have items of quality. Investment pieces which will translate to the world their status, but they're granted, by the powers that be, to wear them repetitively.

My father is not a materialistic man, he spends the majority of his money on experiences, and I suspect prefers experiences shared to gifts themselves. That said, there is something about the holiday season that always ignites in me a sense of sentimentality, in which I want to personalise my father's gift and give him something to unwrap. A feeling I don't have in the same way for my siblings. 

Perhaps this leads back to childhood when we would create a drawing or a card for our parent, made by you for them, perhaps not. Either way, it's what I find myself searching for each holiday season. Not every gift I've ever given my mama or my papa has been personalised. There are some items on can gift, like the socks below, that my mum has given for years and the comfort they bring has become so personal that each year she receives requests for more because our family members now associate that cosiness with her. 

As I've encouraged throughout this series, donations mixed with an (eco/ethical) un-wrappable gift creates a healthy balance between new and old traditions and ensures, regardless of what you buy, at least one gift will be one which keeps on giving. 

I've put together a few other green gift guides thus far including: Donations Gift Guide HERE | Men's Green Gift Guide HERE | Small Business Gift Guide HERE | Woman's Gift Guide HERE | Babies Gift Guide HERE | Toddler Gift Guide HERE. | Mama Gift Guide HERE | Kids Gift Guide HERE.

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Eco + Ethical How? Though they use leather (produced from bovine animal meat production) their slow fashion ethical practices and sustainability processes are incredibly impressive and the people who work there are truly kind. I got my dad a key chain from here a few years back and they custom engraved a sketch I made along with his initials!
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Eco + Ethical How? Beautiful Scandanavian designs created consciously with beautifully tailored apparel and product made with magnificent ecological and ethical standards.
Where To Buy? People Tree HERE

Eco + Ethical How? Though encouraging drinking isn't something I regularly do. For papas who are adventurous outdoors and like a responsible drink now and then, this flask, though not personalised, is slim and would hold just enough for a sip of something nice around a campfire or while surveying the scenery after a long country walk. This is a reusable item made to last which will last a lifetime.
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Eco + Ethical How? I come from a family of musicians. I thought I'd run out of gift possibilities for them and was about to buy one of them guitar christmas ornaments because I really couldn't think of anything better then I found these. Timber Tones produces non-plastic guitar picks using eco sourced off-cuts, bi-products and readily available natural materials to allow musicians to find tune the sound of their guitar. Where To Buy?
SMART WOOL | Smart Socks | $18.90                                                                            Eco + Ethical How? My mom started giving these in our stockings when we were younger and now the whole family has them. My husfriend wears them year round, as does my papa. They're the perfect sock for keeping your feet warm, cozy and blister-free on the trails or in everyday life. They're made from ethically sourced New Zealand Merino wool and produced ethically there as well.                                        Where To Buy?
FORAGE | Tie | $58.00
Eco + Ethical How? I’ve never bought anyone a tie, but have recently become obsessed with these ones. They’re from Philadelphia-based Sephen Loidoi and Shauna Alterio who they hand-craft limited edition bow ties and ties out of vintage and deadstock fabrics which they hunt for wherever they go. Each item is made by hand in the U.S.A and packaged in hand-printed recycled materials.
Where To Buy? here

Eco + Ethical How? Started in 2009 by two Belgian brothers Jan & Patrick Olyslager, Howlin (« smelly » in Scottish slang) offers knitwear concentrating on high quality yarns and traditional craftsmanship. The pieces are designed in Antwerp and manufactured and handfinished in Scotland or Ireland.
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Eco + Ethical How? Handmade ethically in Britain each piece of this collection can be personalised with a hand engraving.
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Eco + Ethical How? Ok, so this one isn't embroidered on organic cotton, unfortunately, but the embroidery designs she does on hankies are super creative and each one is embroidered by hand for you. I've started using a hanky daily (posting tomorrow about it) as part of going Zero Waste so I am no longer using kleenex and wasting our precious trees. Though the particular design I shared might be too funky for your papa, she can customise anything you can dream of to suit your loved one's style.              
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