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Day 247 / 365

Over the years, I've given my mother many gifts. They started of course with handmade items; femo figurines were my specialty from ages seven to twelve, and at around sixteen I made her an entertainment unit in woodshop class. Then of course, one of my clutches soon after my brand launched. In recent years, as the options for eco and ethical gifts have begun to become more readily available, I've found it easier and easier to find her meaningful gifts, the kind a lady like my mama, or my mother-in-law, both deserve and desire.

This year, I'll also be making a donation in her name, as I'm more convinced than ever that the money I spend must support both sustainable companies and sustainable causes, creating a happy combination of the new and old traditions. Below are some of my favourite eco + ethical brands with lovely gifts for your mama bear and mine.  

- 9 Eco + Ethical Gifts For Mothers -

Eco + Ethical How? Whether you buy bath salts or make them yourself, they make a great gift, a handful in the bath will infuse the water with minerals for the body to absorb, offering physical and spiritual benefits a plenty. Herbivore’s ingredients are all natural and ethically sourced and their packaging is sustainable.
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Eco + Ethical How? This collection of jewellery uses the Morse Code alphabet to create meaningful jewellery.  It's run by the most stunning soul who also happens to be a talented jeweller. To ensure his range does not damage the earth or exploit its people he has embraced an innovative new technology which breathes new life into the natural chips and powders normally discarded from the cutting of mined gemstones. He re-creates the natural composition of the gemstones and precious stones with his "Don't Waste Beauty"efforts repurposing what would otherwise be wasted in his ethical heirloom production. Getting one letter to represent each child's name is a lovely gift for mamas undoubtably. 
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p.s - my husfriend and I create the visual content for this brand hence how I know how sweet the soul is of the talented jeweller of these stunning creations.

LEOTIE LOVELY | Clutch | £35.00+ 
** 40% off with code SUSTAINABLYLEOTIE
Eco + Ethical How? Shameless self-promotion comes in every chance I get, but I'd like to think these babies would make a good gift for your mama. There are tons of styles to choose from, from clutches to totes and makeup bags too. Each bag is handmade in London with limited-edition fabrics which are found and upcycled, either vintage materials, deadstock materials or repurposed materials from charity shops. I then hand craft the details, which for the more recent seasons has been a handcrafted tassel. 10% of each sale goes to a entrepreneur when the money is paid back it is reinvested creating a circular loan which keeps on growing and giving. You can read more about my creations in the green policy HERE.
Where To Buy? ** 40% off with code SUSTAINABLYLEOTIE

Eco + Ethical How? I've made no secret of my love for alpaca nor been shy to argue that I believe it to be the greenest and most cruelty-free fibre out there. Alpacas will only produce a fleece if they feel loved by their owner and have a alpaca companion, if not, the fleece becomes matted and can't be used. Ally Bee creates beautiful knitwear from British alpaca which is knit in the UK by people knitters being paid fair wages. Each piece is undyed and thus complements natural skin tones magnificently. 
Where To Buy? Ally Bee's Website HERE

L REMPLE DESIGN | Tea Towel | $16.00
ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Normally I wouldn't put a product on a femal shopping guide which belongs in the kitchen - seems like some sort of anti feminist movement - however - these are beautiful works of art and it brings both my partner and I much joy having one in our kitchen. They're made by a Canadian gal with her stunningly beautiful hand painted textiles, from tea towels and throw pillows to scarves and swaddle blankets. Each one is created on eco-friendly fabrics and embellished with Lindsey's beautiful watercolour designs using vegetable inks
WHERE TO BUY? Her Etsy site here

REWINED | Soy Candle | $23.00
ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Rewind Candles takes recycled wine bottles (from Charleston, NC) and transforms them into bad ass handcrafted candles, filled with sustainable soy candle wax, and scented with the tasting notes of wine. Not only are these candles unique in their manufacturing process, but they are aesthetically beautiful, and smell delicious. We got one of these babies for Christmas and we've had our noses stuck to it ever since. 

THREADS WORLDWIDE | Jewellery Giftset | $75.00+
Eco + Ethical How? I wrote a heartfelt post on this brand a few months back, Threads Worldwide helps weave empowering tales, collecting them consciously from over 50 countries around the world. They empower artisans to bring their gifts and stories to markets beyond their borders, enabling them to earn incomes and the opportunity to become entrepreneurs. They're currently offering a number of beautiful gift sets of their ethically made products perfect for your mama, sister or friend.
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** 10% off with code LEOT10
Eco & Ethical How? Made with bovine leather left over from Ethiopian meat production the brand who produced this bag, FASHIONABLE, creates create opportunities for women in impoverished communities by providing support and employment at a grassroots level. This Mamuye Leather Tote is named after the 24-year-old leather worker who created this collection after graduating from the Leather Industry Dev't Insititute in Ethiopia. 
Where To Buy? ** 10% off with code LEOT10

SENCHA & BOURBON | Naturally Dyed Scarf | 50.00€+
Eco + Ethical How? In the basement of La Manufacture Onrique is Paola's studio where she hand dyes her beautiful scarves with various natural concoctions of vegetables and spices. They're stunning and soulful pieces of art which she customizes with the intended owners initials, making an already one-of-a-kind item, completely unique.
Where To Buy? La Manufacture Onirique or her website here

Lead Photo: Shane Woodward
* there are a few affiliate links in this post so if you click to by I may make a few cents from the sale which will be added to the holiday donations I make in various family member's names