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#GoneGreen2016 Day 242 / 365

The options for Ladies in the eco and ethical world far surpass that of what's available for men. I did a gift guide for Men HERE (and one on my favourite small businesses HERE), which you can peruse if you like, but also put together 9 of my favourite finds from this year that I thought might make a good gift for the ladies of the world around my age. I am in the midst of putting together one for children, mothers, fathers, babies and animals, which I'll post as quick as my fingers can get them organized over the next few days. 

While this season isn't necessarily about more stuff, I think a healthy mix of useful, wearable, sustainable products and donations on your loved one's behalf gives you a happy combination of the new and old traditions.


JUNGMAVEN | Shirt | $76.00
Eco & Ethical How? From my past year of research into eco fabrics, I'd rule Hemp as the greenest one. It grows the fastest, with the least amount of water and nourishes the land it is planted on. I could literally go on for ages about how amazing it is. Then there's this brand Jungmaven which has created a beautiful collection of hemp clothing and homeware for men and women which fits fantastically and is super stylish taboot. All their products are made in the USA and the shirt I got from them (pictured in the lead image) has quickly become one of my favourites. It has a vintage vibe to it and breaths, making it the perfect thing for layering in winter or hot summer days by the beach. I got the yarn dyed striped short sleeve in red/black stripes.
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ETHOS BOUTIQUE | Tote Bag | $178.00 
** 10% off with code LEOT10
Eco & Ethical How? Made with bovine leather left over from Ethiopian meat production the brand who produced this bag, FASHIONABLE, creates create opportunities for women in impoverished communities by providing support and employment at a grassroots level. This Mamuye Leather Tote is named after the 24-year-old leather worker who created this collection after graduating from the Leather Industry Dev't Insititute in Ethiopia. 
Where To Buy? ** 10% off with code LEOT10

EARTHEN WARRIOR | Eye Mask | $78.00
Eco & Ethical How? Previous to Earthen Warrior sending me one of their masks earlier this year, I had never been a sleep mask user. Earthern warrior sent me one of her masks earlier this year and it transformed my sleep.  Turns out sleeping in total darkness allows your body to produce as much of the hormone melatonin as possible, which is beneficial as drops in melatonin production put you at greater risk of breast and colorectal cancer amongst other health risks. Which I never knew. The magnificent mask she sent me is creatively created, upcycling and repurposing every step of the way. The super soft backing is made from repurposed cashmere, while the silky outer made from an upcycled silk blouse. She beautifully embroidered the detailing of the third eye herself, without the use of machines or glue, creating a wearable piece of art which is completely unique and love made. 
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BEYOND SKIN | Over The Knee Boots | €270.00
Eco & Ethical How? I've been eyeing these boots up for a while as over the knees are a fall / winter/spring staple for me. This brand makes their boots from 100% recycled PU, which does originally come from the petrochemical industry, but can be re-recycled into more PU. The body of the boot is a faux suede made 100% recycled PET plastics and the insole is made from 70% post consumer cardboard. The sole is made from a rubber resin which has been 70% recycled and each piece is ethically made in Spain. 
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TRUNK COLLECTIVE | Bracelet | $78.00
Eco & Ethical How? I'm super excited to find this boutique it is absolutely FULL of sustainable, cruelty-free, charity loving, ethically curated collections of bohemian-esque clothing and accessories which will fill the Free People void I've been long looking to fill. This bracelet is by one of the brands they carry called SOKO and is ethically handmade out of recycled brass and upcycled horn.

DANIEL JOSIER  | Perfume | €85.00
Eco & Ethical How? My husfriend and I found this perfume on our eco-tour of Barcelona in a shop called La Local which showcased ethically and ecologically made products made in Spain. The scent of the Ambrec Tabac is magnificent. It's the best smelling perfume I've sniffed in my whole life. His whole range is meant to be unisex (so you can share with your partner) and is made up of natural ingredients. I've got it on my holiday list as it's time for me to break up with the horrible chemical mess of a scent that I've been using since I was 12. 

SONYA KASHMIRI | Wallet | £155.00
Eco & Ethical How? I've been making due with an old business card holder as a wallet, which works to a certain point, but has quickly outgrown itself. I have one of Sonya Kashmiri's crossbody bags which I use daily and love so when I saw she had wallets (on Sale!) too I added it to my wish list. Her collections are impeccably made and incredibly designed. Each piece is internally strengthened with leathers upcycled from the discards of other's creations, then lined with organic cotton, and topped with vegetable tanned leathers making use of a byproduct from French bovine production.
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FINISTERRE | Jumper | £95.00
Eco & Ethical How? This sweater is one of those which would go with just about anything and keep you toasty warm throughout the year. Finisterre's wool is supplied by the same farmDevon Fine Fibres, where I got my cashmere from (you can read about how much I love this farm here). Finisterre has built this herd of endangered Bowmont sheep which came from an incredibly loving home. You can read more about the beautiful story behind Finisterre here
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LEOTIE LOVELY | Clutch | £35.00+ 
** 40% off with code SUSTAINABLYLEOTIE
Eco & Ethical How? Shameless self-promotion comes in every chance I get, but I'd like to think these babies would make a good gift for your mama. There are tons of styles to choose from, from clutches to totes and makeup bags too. Each bag is handmade in London with limited-edition fabrics which are found and upcycled, either vintage materials, deadstock materials or repurposed materials from charity shops. I then handcraft the details, which for the more recent seasons has been a handcrafted tassel. 10% of each sale goes to a entrepreneur when the money is paid back it is reinvested creating a circular loan which keeps on growing and giving. You can read more about my creations in the green policy HERE.
Where To Buy? ** 40% off with code SUSTAINABLYLEOTIE