Day 250 / 365

Not so long ago, the idea of using something once and tossing it was considered a classless and mindless act. People took much pride in their purchases as they were ones they intended to make last. I myself have scoffed at my parents for continuing to use handkerchiefs as napkin, or for the nose or for the face. I thought they were unhygienic, and I suppose if you don’t wash them they can be, but in terms of keeping your nose from peeling and trees from falling, it’s actually a better choice for the colds of winter.

Conventional kleenex or tissues use up a precious object whose removal is not only enhancing the issues with climate change - but also decreasing human health. 

I once saw this TED talk by William McDonough. In it he gave a pretty damn good reason for us to avoid consumption of paper products, and it was this: 
"if you look at a tree and think of it as a design assignment, it would be like asking you to make something that makes oxygen, sequesters carbon, fixes nitrogen, distills water, provides habitat for hundreds of species, accrues solar energy's fuels, makes complex sugars and food, changes colours with the seasons, creates microclimates, and self-replicates ... but by all means ... lets cut it down so we can write on it". 
And we wipe our noses on it.


Have a few handkerchiefs on rotate which you can wash as you use and use as needed. In my house we tend to only do one load a week as I wash almost all my daily use items in the shower (ie// knickers, hankies, socks, reusable makeup wipe pads ect..) so I try to have at least three around, one for the nose and one as a napkin which I keep in the back pocket of my Sonya Kashmiri bag.

1. Vintage / Second Hand Stores 
One good hot wash (pr you can also stick them in a pot of boiling water) will get off anyone else's cooties and make one of these works of art your very own. 
2. DIY 
Cut up some old t-shirts or sheets into 6x6 squares and stuff them in your bag for any wipey needs.
3. ETSY from Hanky Book's organic tissue wipes to custom and non-custom embroidery, etsy has a hanky option for anyone's style and needs.