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This is a guestpost / syndicated post by the Australian and soon to be US based brand rating app, Good On You. My little sister, Maya, is currently pregnant and I found this post especially interesting for her. When I decide I'm ready to have kids I hope to wrap my body with ethically made, eco-friendly, chemically free things so I might welcome the child into the world toxic free. Below are some brands approved by Good On You. It was originally posted on their blog but they've allowed me to share it here ... 
When you’re growing a little human being inside you, you want comfort, wiggle room, support and clothes that don’t carry harmful chemicals. We’ve found these ethical clothing brands to keep you and the bump looking great!


That got your attention, didn’t it?! Boob was conceived on a cold autumn day in Sweden when its founder watched her sister breastfeeding her newborn. She noticed that her sister had to keep hitching up her top, leaving her waist bare to the crisp north wind. That’s when she realised that mothers, like superheroes, need the right gear – and so Boob came to be.
Boob’s clothing is made from sustainable materials such as certified organic cotton and fleece made from recycled bottles. Boob manufactures their garments in European factories with fair wages, safe working environments and the right to join trade unions. What’s more, this maternity wear brand is committed to banning child labour and worker discrimination.
Simone Dress with double function for pregnancy and nursing | Price: $98.50 USD | Ships internationally

Eternal Creation

The brainchild of designer Frances Carrington, Eternal Creation runs its own Fair Trade Certified tailoring centre in Dharamsala, India – the home of the Dalai Lama. Here, Tibetan refugee workers receive fair pay, English language classes and paid parental leave.
Eternal Creation is also part of the One Percent for the Planet movement. As great as their labor practices are, we think there’s more they can do to improve the environmental impact of the materials they use.
Agatha Chemise with adjustable drop-waist tie | Price: $60 USD | Ships internationally

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The key principle behind Braintree is timeless fashion that doesn’t cost our environment. They make their garments from sustainable materials such as hemp, certified organic cotton and recycled fabrics. Braintree also has a robust Code of Conduct. Within the code, Braintree recognizes their responsibility to provide workers with decent conditions, a living wage and compensation for any voluntary overtime.
As well as baggy organic cotton and fleece tops, Braintree creates wraps and sweaters perfect for keeping your baby belly warm and cozy.
Lilli Stripey Tunic made from soft certified organic cotton | Price: $27 USD (sale price) | Ships internationally


This brand began as a project started by new parents who had trouble finding clothing that fit comfortably over their son’s cloth diapers. Frugi, which means “fruits of the earth” in Latin, carries clothing for baby and mother alike.
The founding couple, Kurt and Lucy, moved their company to an organic farm in Cornwall and the team has won numerous awards for its certified organic cotton creations. If you choose to purchase from Frugi, you’ll also be supporting the company’s current charity picks.
Tie Back Dress with a neckline designed for easy breast feeding | Price: $41 USD  | Ships internationally


This brand is perfect for flowing over-sized tops and dresses that are timeless and elegant. Kowtow have sustainability at their core, using organic fair trade cotton and non-toxic dyes during production.
All of Kowtow’s garments are made in an SA8000 accredited factory in India. This means that their workers receive a living wage and other workplace benefits. Check out their documentary titled ‘From Seed To Garment’ to learn more about this pioneering brand.

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Image 1: Lauren McBride