Day 236 / 365

As the holiday season creeps upon us, as does the buying of gifts, and while I don't like to promote mass purchases of anything, I do think buying carefully selected thoughtful items from conscious companies holds the holiday traditions in a welcomed way.

Over the next week or so I'll be sharing some gift guides highlighting some of the companies I've come across during this #GoneGreen2016 series who have created their products both ecologically and ethically with circular stories in mind.

- Five Eco + Ethical Small Businesses -
Eco + Ethical How? I've made no secret of my love for alpaca nor been shy to argue that I believe it to be the greenest and most cruelty-free fibre out there. Alpacas will only produce a fleece if they feel loved by their owner and have a alpaca companion, if not, the fleece becomes matted and can't be used. Ally Bee creates beautiful knitwear from British alpaca which is knit in the UK by people knitters being paid fair wages. Each piece is undyed and thus complements natural skin tones magnificently. It's about the cosiest thing to pull on in the season and it adapts to the weather so you're never too warm nor hot no matter the layers you brought.
My Favourite Piece? The Chunky Jumper in Pebble (I borrowed it for THIS shoot and fell in deep love
Where To Buy? Ally Bee's Website HERE

Eco + Ethical How? This collection is made from upcycled leather which would have otherwise been sent to the landfill. Each piece is designed in Yorkshire and made in Yorkshire in a limited edition run.
My Favourite Piece? The Mules look versatile, tri-seasonal and comfortable which is what I'll be going for in my next shoe purchase with them.
Where To Buy? On their Etsy shop, HERE.

Eco + Ethical How? I discovered this brand a few months ago and they were the first brand I've used and loved which cover all ten of my eco and ethical requirements (read them HERE) for beauty brands I purchase. Both my husfriend and I share their skincare line and it's genuinely improved the state of my skin. I'd recommend this luxury skincare line to anyone of any sex and it comes in pretty glass bottles making it a sweet gift. 
My Favourite Piece? If you can't get the whole collection, get the 'wrinkle-repair night serum'. It's a game changer. 
Where To Buy? Nature & Nurture's Website HERE

Eco + Ethical How? Comprised of a collection of beautifully naturally dyed scarves and clothing made with natural fibres this soulful collection has been at the forefront of my mind for gifts throughout the year. Paola, the creator, also makes a collection of re-leather goods made out of upcycled leather scraps discarded by other industries. 
My Favourite Piece? This coming week she launches a new collection of clothing which encompasses the style only a Parisian could create which is stylish comfy tri-seasonal loungewear for indoors or out. It's hand dyed with spice and vegetable dyes and made with natural fibres as well. 
Where To Buy? On Sencha & Bourbon's Website HERE or at La Manufacture Onirique in Paris. 

Eco + Ethical How? The first Christmas my husfriend and I were together, I bought him one of these bracelets of Etsy which you can customize to your loved one's needs based on the stones you feel will help them best where they are in their current state of growth. They're made by Jorge and his partner Julia who create each of the beautiful pieces by hand using eco-friendly components throughout their designs. They send each mala in a beautiful care package filled with consciously gathered items they feel will help you on your journey to a better state of being . They even mail the purchase in 100% recycled packaging. 
My Favourite Piece? I was given one of their beautiful mala necklaces as a gift from my sister last year. It's a magnificent piece which I wear regularly and meditate with as well. 
Where To Buy? On their Etsy shop, HERE.