Day 224 / 365

As we shift gears and begin preparing ourselves for our December traditions, the first thing (most) our minds head towards is sorting out our greeting cards, especially those of us with family overseas. 

While paperless holiday cards are the most ecological, zero waste and economical, I can completely understand wanting to send (as I myself do) handwritten snail mail to family members as is traditional.  

The problem - apart from stamps and energy consumed in the creation of our loved one's cards - is the use of toxic inks, and the selfish slaughter of nature's most epic creation: the tree.

There are numerous reasons trees ought to stay rooted in the earth rather than crumpled in our hands. I find this quote (and the associated TED talk) by William McDonough sticks with me as the most logical and scientific explanation one needs to avoid paper consumption: 

"if you look at a tree and think of it as a design assignment, it would be like asking you to make something that makes oxygen, sequesters carbon, fixes nitrogen, distills water, provides habitat for hundreds of species, accrues solar energy's fuels, makes complex sugars and food, changes colours with the seasons, creates microclimates, and self-replicates ... but by all means ... lets cut it down so we can write on it". 
Solutions to the wrongs of conventional cards are available for those wishing to stick to snail mail while saving our trees in the process. 


eco + ethical how? The greenest way to send your holiday cards is via email, green envelope offers some beautiful customizable designs for just that purpose.
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eco + ethical how? Probably the most beautiful story when it comes to card printing, these gorgeous cards have seeds within them so when you're ready to, your loved ones can plant the sweet words you sent to them. 
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eco + ethical how? Proudly made in the UK on FSC Certified recycled paper stock. Printed using vegetable inks.
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eco + ethical how? hand drawn illustrations printed with soy based inks locally and sustainably on 100 % post-consumer recycled paper.
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eco + ethical how? Made in Belleville, Canada (where my middle sister lives) these pretty cards are printed on sustainably sourced white Mohawk, with a matte, silk finish. 
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eco + ethical how? Beautifully illustrated cards made in the designers Old Street studio in London using watercolours and inks to create vibrant and unique illustrations. Each card is printed on FSC certified paper. Made in Britain. 
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eco + ethical how? Hand-illustrated cards for Hanukkah, Christmas and Thanksgiving taboot made from paper which is produced from post-consumer waste, printed using 100% wind power. 
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eco + ethical how? Produced on 100% recycled card using a risograph printer then detailed by hand. 
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eco + ethical how? made in Portland, Oregon, this is a print of a paper-cutting using the traditional German art form called Scherenschnitte, or scissor cuts. It is printed on 100% recycled Kraft-Tone paper which is made from recycled wood and paper fibre and made with renewable green energy
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ten. PLEWSY (UK)

eco + ethical how? Proudly made in Britain, these beauties are printed onto high-quality eco-friendly card and packed with a recycled grey envelope. 
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eco + ethical how? Printed in London on a recycled brown kraft paper
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twelve. WUNDERKID < via Sustainably Chic > (US)
eco + ethical how? With a portion of their profits donated directly to tuition funds for their Wunderkids, these zero waste, eco-friendly holiday cards are an absolute top choice.
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thirteen. SMALL MEADOW 
eco + ethical how? Made with lokta cafdstock made in Nepal from a shrub which regrows after the branches used to make the paper are harvested, these holiday cards are a super eco friendly investment into community and art. they're packaged in a 100% post consumer waste recycled envelope as well just to wrap it up right!
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