Day 215 / 365

As my husfriend and I have moved into a plant based diet at home, we've had to get a little more creative with our cooking, cheese on toast doesn't cut anymore.

My husfriend is an incredible cook and as I've begun brewing up my plans for next year, once I've (hopefully) completed this 365 day series, I like the idea of trying to fit more posts in about our lifestyle, including his bad ass recipes.

Pestle and mortars have been around as a kitchen device since ancient times and used to crush and grind ingredients into a fine paste or powder. The mortar, is the bowl and the pestle is the grinding device. 

There is a general lack of eco-friendly homeware on offer online, and though pestle and mortar production is not the cause of our world's current situation, I do want to share, as I find bits and pieces for my home, places one can find eco friendly and ethically produced products so we can reduce our personal impact al the same. 

Eco + Ethical How? This website acts as a hub for artisans around the world offering jewellery and homeware. It empowers artisans to cut out the middle man and sell their wares directly online in the same way first world entrepreneurs do. The craftsmanship is stunning, especially on the pestle and mortarI was sent from an artisan 
Where To Buy? Shop Homeware HERE, I got my pestle and mortar HERE (*gifted)

Eco + Ethical How? Based in Bristol, UK, this carefully curated collection of designer goods is made with eco-friendly materials and produced by artisans being paid a fair wage. Their collections are basically a conscious selection of Urban Outfitters or Anthroplogie  style products which sent me on a pinning frenzie as almost every item would fit happily in my home. 
Where To Buy? HERE, their pestle and mortar can be found HERE

Eco + Ethical How? These guys sell a variety of high quality kitchen products which are unique, stylish and eco-friendly. All the products are ethically made in France, Sweden, Germany and the USA.
Where To Buy? HERE, their collection of eco & ethical pestle and mortars can be found HERE

photo: me