Day 207 / 365

I decided I don’t care what the French think, I’m gonna carve or decorate a pumpkin and put it in my window on all hallow's night. For the past few years I’ve come to master the cat-o-lantern, but now that I have a cat, the novelty has worn off, so I went hunting around on Pinterest for some inspiration and thought I’d share some of the best ones I found. I've given some eco alternatives to their how-tos to make sure your pumpkin can still compost when it and Halloween come to an end.

Luna-O-Lantern by The Merry Thought 
Use flowers which are local and in season or growing wildly. Alternatively, you can use dried flowers which is what I might try (we have a massive bouquet on our wall so I can use it then put them back!). If you decide to paint your pumpkin try some these soy paints from Amazon instead of conventional toxic paints. Head over to The Merry Thought's blog for the how to on this delightful DIY. LINK HERE.

Painted Lantern by Craft Berry Bush
Use eco-friendly, non-toxic paint, like these soy paints from Amazon instead of conventional toxic paints and make this DIY an eco-friendly one. Head to Craft Berry Bush for the how to: LINK HERE.

Marbled Pumpkins by Alice & Lois
Use a bowl instead of a plastic container and biodegradable nail polish instead of conventional to conver this to a green DIY. You'll find a list of safe brands in my post on nail polish HERE. Head to Alice & Lois' blog for the how to: LINK HERE.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin by Pottery Barn
Use these non-toxic, eco-friendly crayons from Amazon instead of conventional crayons to make this sweet 'n' easy DIY eco as possible. LINK HERE. 

Pumpkin Planters by Momtastic 
So this is kind of less Halloween-y but I've just smashed a few of the post our cacti live in (because I'm clumsy as a mo fo) so this is a decent means to an end and ain't nothing not green about it. Head over to Momtastic for the DIY. LINK HERE. 

ECO BOOST did a video on what to do with your innards too, click HERE to watch!

PHOTOS: courtesy of each blog linked