Day 192 / 365

Zero Waste Challenge Day 13 of 14.
Date: October 13th
Location: Barcelona, SPAIN
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We woke up and stumbled downstairs for some coffee and homemade cake in Hostal Grau's lounge area, a cosy space designed like a popular Pinterest page with an aesthetic mix of upcycled furniture, vintage decorations, books and consciously created things. As we were there to document our eco guide to Barcelona (coming soon), we began shooting as we ate, chatting with the lovely Christina about the history and ethos behind the hotel's conscious creation. The hotel had been passed down through multiple generations, receiving a redesign and rebuild by the current owner who used the top ecological technologies and products currently available. We shot their beautifully designed rooms and the common spaces, then packed up our belongings to head out on Barcelona's uncharacteristically rainy streets.

A beautifully designed shop full of pastries caught our eye and we jumped inside to investigate, it was a little bakery called Chök, which bakes handmade delicious treats with all natural ingredients. We ordered two Kronuts (doughnuts and croissants combined!and asked for them on napkins instead of in boxes to avoid any further packaging (I sadly left my tupperware in London) and stood there basically covering our clean clothes in chocolate while chatting to the charming chap who was running the place. 

With bellies a little more full than intended, we hopped over to the laundry mat to dry some clothes that had got caught in the rain (it had downpoured on my husfriend the previous day), and upon leaving, found ourselves near a Kilo Shop called Flamingo which we went in to see if we could find Shane (my husfriend) some jeans. This was probably the second time in the three years since we'd met that we'd gone shopping together and it ended up being a pretty fun adventure both searching for and trying on things. We ended up leaving with a reused plastic bag and leaving behind four reusable clothing tags. 

Our next stop was a vegetarian and vegan restaurant conveniently half a block away called Teresa Carles. It's a spot we'd picked out as part of the eco guide we were in the midst of creating and I was super inspired by their way of being. I'll do a full story on the experience in a later post, but basically, they farm their own seasonal fruits and vegetables and buy anything they can't grow from other farmers locally to create their healthy conscious dishes with minimal waste.

Randomly, one of my friends from high school was in Barcelona with her husband, so soon after eating we set off to meet them at a bar called La Xampanyeria which serves 1€ a glasses Cava (or 7€ for a bottle). The place also offers an array of typical Spanish cheeses and meats, locally produced, but perhaps not considered completely eco-friendly by nature of their nutritional state (dairy and meat production contributes to global warming). Traditionally, you eat these morsels with a toothpick (because it prevents contamination from hands) and even though I was on the Zero Waste challenge still, I decided to prevent my friends from getting any yuck off the likes me by using one of my very own picks. 

We stayed for a few too many bottles, then rushed back to the hotel to collect our things in effort to catch the last train to Vilafranca where my husfriend's family descends from and lives. For whatever reason (I still don't know why) the trains were delayed and eventually got cancelled, leaving us slightly stranded just after midnight with a choice to find somewhere to stay in Barcelona or get a cab in the 100€ range. Despite our bank account not currently in a state to support such spontaneity, we grabbed a cab (there's no Uber in Barcelona) and made our way East to the rolling hills of Shane's ancestral family home in Spain. 


1 Toothpick
4 Paper Card Receipts
1 Box of Single-Use Detergent  
5 Clothing Tags (which are reused by Flamingo Vintage after each purchase
Plastic Clothing Bag 

1 Section of Silk Dental Floss 

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