Day 183 / 365

Zero Waste Challenge Day 4 of 14.
Date: October 4th
Location: Paris, France
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We got up in the morning, ate at our hotel, hugged it out with my in-laws, and went our separate ways; my husfriend heading to a shoot and me heading home to work, clean our apartment and pack up all our stuff. We would be leaving Paris the next day and we had a gentleman from Airbnb coming to stay.  

I was planning on booting it straight home on the Velib, but it was such a stunning sunny day that I found ways to delay my destination. I stopped off at Vegan Mania to replenish our deodorant, soaps, and a few other lovely things, taking no bag but ending up with a paper card receipt. Then I shot over to Centre Commercial, my new favourite place in Paris to spend sums on sustainable stuff. It would be my Dad's birthday on Friday and I wanted to grab him a gift to celebrate. I've written before about Centre Commercial and their conscious ways (here), and was even more impressed as a customer as I was treated with the same kindness, good music and respect I had been when I visited with the owner Sebastian Kopp and Eco Cult as press. The gal working there (Eva?), was super sweet and helped me out with the type of present but pressure-less attention I prefer in situations like this. Once happily armed with the purchases for my papa, I sauntered off, and void of any other errands I could excuse myself with, headed home.

Preparing for an Airbnb-er should be easy, but as my husfriend and I are collectors of things, it usually means sorting bits of mail, receipts, business cards, lookbooks, and other random stuff which have gathered around our apartment and helping them make their way to the recycling bin. I also took the liberty of getting rid of some knickers which had shot elastic, finally finding an end to their cycle after 5 years of regular wear. I'd tried to find somewhere they could be upcycled, but obviously, nobody but creeps on the internet want your old knickers, so I sadly opted to send them to the landfill, making use of that compostable bag (from day 3)
I've been using these little plastic containers we got at a hotel we stayed at in Barcelona a year or so ago for all our travel toiletry needs. I will eventually switch over to stainless steel or glass reusable containers for travel, but until the ones I have give up, we're going to expand their lifecycle as long as possible. We make our own toothpaste and as I was going to England and my husfriend was staying in France, I needed a second container to decanter into. The only other one free was in a body lotion container ... same as the one I was using for body lotion so without thinking, I took the sticker off (landfill waste) so I could write 'toothpaste' on it. 

I packed a dual season capsule wardrobe in my swiftly disintegrating carry on case (I've had it for 7 years) which would bring me through the cold of England to the warmth of Spain over the duration of the month. 

Then I cleaned the sh*t out of our apartment with natural cleaning products, using reusable cleaning supplies.
Around dinner time I cruised back down to town on the Velib for a final dinner with my in-laws, my husfriend had gotten off work early giving us another window of time with them. We ate at the same spot near Pont Saint-Louis we had on been to on Day 2, and wandered back to their hotel on foot. On the way, we crossed some police officers accosting a group of artists attempting to sell their creations on Rue de la Huchette. One of the police officers was being so overly violent with his words and actions, violently gurning his mouth and making writhing movements of the extremities. I began filming him (you can watch the video here ... doesn't really cover the experience, but you'll see the jerk I speak of) and one of his bulldog compatriot knocked my phone out of my hand, smacking me in the process. My husband reacted to this, telling the cop, in french, not to push his wife. The cop who had hit me and the one who I was filming then aggressively pushed my husband across the street, ripping his tshirt in the process, his hands up in innocence the entire time, with his mother and step father watching in shock. 

This wasn't even a portion of the type of aggressive behaviour the French police display on innocent people (i.e. Artists selling art / Refugees taking refuge) dudes like the two douchebags I encountered shouldn't be on the force alongside people who genuinely wish to serve and protect. It was hugely worrying and set me off on an angry social media spree. If I hadn't been leaving the next day, or worried about my (pending) Carte de Sejour status, I would have marched up to the Profecture De La Police to report them in hopes they themselves would find themselves in some sort of anger management class.

Had nothing to do with creating waste ... but was by far the most interesting and invigorating part of the day, which ended soon after, happily in our own bed.


1 Sticker
10 Pairs of lace knickers

2 Card recipts
A Shit ton of lookbooks, envelopes and mail from the months past
3 Wine bottles

My Klean Kanteen

1 Section of silk dental floss 
1 compostable plastic bag

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