Day 191 / 365

Zero Waste Challenge Day 12 of 14.
Date: October 12th
Location: London, UK -> Barcelona, SPAIN
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I tried again to go to my dad’s in the morning but the trains kept me in London, so I spent the morning working and hanging out with my niece and sister-in-law before heading to the airport via train. As is custom with the rail systems though, they were delayed, and I became quite worried I would miss my travels all together after having cheaped out on the tickets and taken the slower train.

I arrived in the knick of time, and scooted through the departure gate with my electronic boarding pas and a thrice reused plastic liquids bag. All I had eaten thus far that day was a bagel (bought from the bulk bins at Sainsburys and put in my reusable produce bag). I’d left my travel Tupperware at my dad’s and hadn’t had enough warning nor foresight to organize another solution, so when I got to the airport I opted instead of going for a throw away sandwich, to sit down and stay. There was zero organic food available in the airport, so I chose to go to Yo Sushi as I knew I’d be eating heavy food for the next week and a day. I grabbed some vegetarian rolls and a wakame salad and a beer in a glass bottle as it could be recycled and the chopsticks could biodegrade (getting a beer in a reusable pint glass would have been better and eating with cutlery would have been too, but alas my imperfections got the better of me, but I took the chop sticks and beer bottle to dispose of in the right places).  

I was flying with Vueling again, making it easy to avoid the inflight offerings as there are none (which for some reason might be upsetting but to me, since doing this challenge, makes me see them a little bit greener).

Upon arrival in Barcelona, I grabbed the A1 airport bus to communally transport myself to the eco hotel (Hostal Grau) where my husfriend and I were staying. Conveniently, it dropped me off less than 3 blocks from the our accommodation, and easily found my way. Unfortunately, some drink guys spotted me looking super touristy on my way and followed me down (I would blame myself for, you know, wearing clothing which conformed ever so slightly to my body *t-shirt and jeans*, but then I don’t believe my appearance makes douchbages more douchey, they just are and always will be). Said douchebag ‘accompanied me’ to the door of my hotel, offering me all sorts of unwanted sexual advances along the way. At the exact moment he found it appropriate to grab my ass, I offered him the serrated edge of my house key (which I had ready in my hand from the moment I saw him spot me), pushing it as far into his neck as I could without breaking the skin while venomously mentioning every spanish word of hatred I knew, even those not fitting the scenario (“No me jodas, you effing pinche, idiota, bastardo, pendejo, puto, culo".… and so on). El Douchebag found this reverse violence quite unfitting and stumbled off with his bruised ego in hand. I buzzed for entry to the hotel and the gentleman at the front desk, having missed the kerfuffle, opened the door and welcomed me in with a warm smile. 

To be clear, this neighborhood is not unsafe, it is just that some men are not safe. It’s a problem everywhere, not this particular place.

The hotel was a haven, so beautifully put together and consciously created. Despite the annoying assault which had transpired minutes before, I was like a kid on Christmas upon walking in. I had already researched their endeavours (I'll put a post up about them in the next few weeks) but found the people and set up even more inspiring in person. I crawled into bed with my snoring husfriend who was passed out in the room, at long last in the lap of eco luxury, enlightened by a new possible way of travelling.


1 Paper Train Ticket
1 Paper Bus Ticket 
2 Card Receipts
1 Beer Bottle

My Klean Kanteen
My Keep Cup 
My Spork
My Reusable Produce Bag

1 Section of Silk Dental Floss 
1 Set of Wood Chopsticks

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