Day 189 / 365

Zero Waste Challenge Day 10 of 14.
Date: October 10th
Location: London, UK
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Hanging out with babies got me back on a decent schedule and I was up and walking out by 8:30AM. I rushed off to Stockwell to meet my youngest sister, Maya, who just started her own mummy blog (Tales Of A Little Lion) and had recently filmed her first vlog, which she needed help editing. Despite being in her second trimester, she helps her fiance who runs a pub by cleaning it the mornings my nephew is at nursery, and she had a spare hour before picking him up to learn how to use the complex editing program. As we sat there, I realized it was the first time in our lives we'd sat down at a cafe to work side-by-side, and it felt for some reason empowering to have her by my side.

My sister is an amazing mother with a knack for writing and just about the sweetest soul out of everyone that I know. She took on blogging and vlogging as a creative outlet for and from mothering and dedicates any spare moments she's granted to it; somehow balancing it with her second pregnancy with my beautiful (but boisterous) three-year-old nephew.
About an hour later she had to pick my nephew up and we shifted our mode from work to play, grabbing to-go coffees in our Keep Cups (read about hers here) on the way out the door. My nephew is so very much his mother's son; a loving little creature, with a sweet sense of wonder and that witty sort of inquisitiveness 3 year olds rock so well. We had a joyous play in the park til dusk began to set, then my sister went off for a check up on the baby in her belly and I headed back to my brother's to face my mounting to do list. 

I hadn't prepared to be out so long and hadn't eaten anything apart from the pastry, and thus, I was starting to dip. In the last few years I've had an undiagnosed blood sugar type issue where I start feeling foggy if the regularity of my eating is not kept up, and every so often, when I ignore it, I completely black out. I was about to get on the tube so I figured better safe than sorry and went into Sainsbury's beside Stockwell tube station to grab a sandwich. Now this isn't the most zero waste thing to do, but I happen to know that after 4pm they reduce the price of the food they're about to throw out, so I felt like I was intercepting food waste by one. Though they're not organic and most definately not vegan, each one is packaged in recyclable carton made from FSC certified mixed board. So no landfill waste. 

Once I was back at my brother's, I didn't leave. Just worked until he, my sister-in-law and niece came back home, then Maya (my youngest sister) and Leo (my nephew) came over and we (non-pregnant / non-breast feeding adults) finished the cava from the night before and got pizza from the guy down the road served in recyclable cardboard boxes.

All in all both a fulfilling and fattening day ;)



2 Card Recipts

1 Sandwich box
3 Pizza Boxes (I didn't eat all that pizza but will take responsibility for the cardboard)

My Klean Kanteen

My Keep Cup 

1 Section of silk dental floss 

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