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Day 187 / 365

Zero Waste Challenge Day 8 of 14.
Date: October 8th
Location: Kent, UK
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I woke up and my family was still sleeping and being the lazy lump that I am, decided to have a piece of my dad's birthday cake for breakfast, rounding it out with a Chocolate Pu-erh Tea as well. Then got to work answering emails and figuring out my to do list for the day.

Once my fam woke up, I bribed them to take mt to the grocery store to get some supplies for a story I was doing for Numi Teas (I'm a brand ambassador for the brand and write a few articles a month for their blog). I had planned the post knowing I was on this challenge and had picked ingredients based on the likelihood I'd be able to avoid packaging, even at a mainstream story like Waitrose (because there are no bulk stores in the English countryside). My list was tiny: pumpkins, vodka, whisky, sparkling water, physalises, and blood oranges, all of which should have been in zero packaging or glass bottled. Waitrose had other plans though, and instead of avoiding waste altogether, there are a shit ton of stickers on everything. Stickers can't be recycled, nor do they biodegrade, so that left me begrudgingly leaving them to the landfill. Annoyingly, the Physalises came in (recyclable) plastic packaging which I should have been able to avoid. Since they're local and in season, I assumed I would have been able to find them freely stored and purchase them by the handful using one of my reusable produce bags. But alas, no.
autumn, farm, leaves, kent, england, zero waste, challenge, fall, leotie lovely, eco, green, ethicalBecause my husfriend and I travel often for work (I freelance, and he does photography) I've finally taken the initiative to learn how to use his old Canon Mark III and taken some of my own blog and non-blog photos. He will always way better and I wouldn't want to not work with him for this blog and other projects, but learning this new medium has allowed me to gain some independence, and continue being productive even when he ain't around. I put together the cocktails and set up the shoot for Numi Tea outside with some lovely fall props, then spent about an hour or so shooting away. To ensure only the best quality, and since it was likely 5 o'clock somewhere, my dad, step-mum and I 'sampled' the cocktails when I was done shooting - and just to be sure they were for sure alright, sampled a few more after as well.

The light was so nice when I'd finished tidying up the mess I had made that I decided to postpone further work and wander around the property shooting photos of the brilliant colours which autumn had on offer; the deep red cascading leaves, rosy buds, and other pretty things. As the sun set, I went inside to dedicate the remainder of the day to work writing, attempting to get myself a few steps ahead. Sitting by the warm fire in a cosy English country house with a hot drink creates the perfect atmosphere for productivity, despite the loss of romance from the use of electronic things. 


5 Food Stickers

1 Plastic Cover for the 
2 Glass Booze Bottles
1 Card Receipt
1 Numi Organic tea package

My Klean Kanteen

1 Section of silk dental floss 
1 Numi organic tea bag

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autumn, farm, leaves, rose, english rose,  kent, england, zero waste, challenge, fall, leotie lovely, eco, green, ethical
Photos: Holly Rose