Day 186 / 365

Zero Waste Challenge Day 7 of 14.
Date: October 7th
Location: Kent & London, UK
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My dad turned 66 on the 7th, making him king for the day. We started our morning (afternoon) with a lovely breakfast my step-mother had prepared in a sitting room filled with flowers which shed picked and decorated in celebration. After breakfast we went for a little trundle through the winding roads and rolling fields near my dad's home, a daily tradition I suspect will be to thank for the longevity of his life. If you've never lived in a big city, you might not notice how fresh the air is in the countryside and how lovely it is to inhale with ease. Sending you to bed each night for an unbreakable and restful night's sleep. 

I have been super lazy as of late and haven't been exercising, so after the 45 minute country walk, my step-mother and I went for a country run too. On the way back, dripping in sweat, I came across a box offering free pears and took one for me and three for the horses I'd seen on my way up the road. 
Since meeting my husfriend, a horse in the Chinese calendar, I've found myself sharing quite magical moments with the creatures; managing to tame some wild ones enough to bring them in for a cuddle in the hills ofMadrid, and lucking out with the odd snuggle from random ones I find behind pasture gates. There are animals everywhere in the countryside, offering up an opportunity to make friends with the creatures which for the most part remain for us city folk in a field or factory far away. I grew up vegetarian, both my parents still are, but I share the views of the First Nations people on the use of animal by products for food or otherwise, and being a 'Flexitarian', will eat the odd bit of meat if offered to me by someone who has prepared it. But connecting to animals makes it much harder to agree to.
After our run, we showered up and took the train into London (which required two paper tickets) to meet my siblings and their offspring at one of our favourite fam jam restaurants, Wahaca. Since it opened about six or seven years back, it has had sustainability at the forefront of its operations and has become one of my fast favourites as the food is delicious and the prices are low enough it won't break the bank. My youngest brother is at York University and my middle sister live in Canada, so there were a few 'sproggettes' missing, leaving me, my dad and step mum, my eldest brother and his beautiful wife with their daughter Viv, and my youngest very pregnant sister (you can follow her blog here) and my nephew Leo cuddled around a cosy table. Apart from the paper menu, some napkins, and the receipt and card receipt at the table, nothing went to waste.

After our meal we all departed for the station, giving love to our sweet papa before headed off our separate ways. I headed back on the train with my dad and step-mum, passing out for the duration of the journey, when we got home my dad made a fire and poured us a few drinks and we sat around once more feeling grateful for the luck which has blessed our family into this cosy way of being. 



2 Paper tickets to London
1 Card receipt
1 Paper napkin
1 Paper placemat

My Klean Kanteen

1 Section of silk dental floss 
1 Numi organic tea bag

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