Day 185 / 365

Zero Waste Challenge Day 6 of 14.
Date: October 6th
Location: Kent, UK
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In the past year or so, I have slowly reduced my London socialising and opted instead to hide away at my dad's in the countryside. He lives at the end of set of rolling hills speckled with sheep in a little Oast House probably not much bigger than my apartment in Paris but filled with beautiful bits he and my grandmother collected throughout their travels, and paintings by my talented step-mother (you can have a little tour of my favourite things HERE). It's serene and calm, filled with memories, cheerful chatter and cosy moments. The things I crave most.

My step-mother is only about seven years older than me, but is much wiser and the carrier of an old soul. She makes just about everything by scratch. She grows herbs and spices in her garden, collects wild garlic and nettles for soup when in season, and makes cheese for Hall Place Dairy, a little family run farm nearby. There are chickens out front which lay eggs, and acres of fields to trundle through keeping both the spirit and body in their prime.
On this day I woke up late as usual, having worked til the early hours the night before.  It would be my dad's birthday the next day so my step-mother and I went into Tunbridge Wells to get cards and a few bits for breakfast the next day. It was a grey sort of day and we both felt out of it, and decided to grab a coffee. We'd both left without our Keep Cups (I force gifts on my family which suit my ideology) so as a sustainable solution, we decided to sit and stay. I consider Pret-A-Manger to be marginally better than the rest of the high street coffee shops as they serve organic products, so we went there and sat down with coffees in ceramic mugs. It was nice to just sit there and talk to each other for 10 minutes without any distractions but the frothy finery in our hands. Though the original motivation to stay had been for the betterment of the planet, it turned out to be an amiable addition to the morning, setting us out on our separate shopping journeys in a lovely way.
My iphone charger had finally crapped out at the airport the day before, and I was determined to find one wrapped in chord which wouldn't split like my last two had so I could reduce my plastic waste. The only way to find one was to hit up the shopping centre which is something I've been happily avoiding as if it were the plague. It had been over a year since I'd last visited one and twenty minutes within its dreary walls made me feel claustrophobic and slightly ill. Malls used to excite me as shopping fed a sort of obsessive hunger in me that I've since replaced with other things. I rushed through it, buying the iphone charger, a card for my dad (printed with vegetable inks on recycled paper), and a pen to go with the notebook Sencha & Bourbon had made for him. I had plenty of time to kill so I took to the streets and wandered in and out of the local charity shops where I bought three Christmas cookie cutters for £1 and a £2 creamer made of pottery. Again, like with most shopping, there was no way to avoid the card receipts which would be recycled, but frustrated me for the waste.

We drove home admiring the cascading colours of fall which encircle the country roads in complete canopy, astonished by the swiftness the deep greens of summer have been taken over by fall's vibrant shades. Dinner was homemade pasta munched together, followed by a few jolly cocktails and bit of work warmed by house and hearth.


3 Price stickers 

*(one from my dad's card, one from my dad's pen, one from the iphone packaging - the charity shops keep theirs to reuse)

4 Card receipts 

1 Numi Organic tea package
1 Plastic card cover holder thing

1 Napkin served to us with our coffee
The iphone charger packaging

My Klean Kanteen

1 Napkin served to us with our coffee (I'm keeping it in my bag til it's properly filthy)

1 Section of silk dental floss 

1 Numi organic tea bag

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