Day 184 / 365

Zero Waste Challenge Day 5 of 14.
Date: October 5th
Location: Paris, France to Kent, UK
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Tansparancy Note: I forgot to admit, that on Day 4, I smoked a cigarette. I'd gotten some upsetting family news and my knee-jerk response was to bum a cigarette from the waiter and smoke it in solidarity (I know, cigarettes are bad in multiple ways). I was about to start today's post off, as the title suggests, in elation of the triumphs I felt I achieved in my travels, but then I remembered the day 4 cigarette, and the two I had on this day.

As it was my day of departure, I prepared myself for my travel day by packing up my Klean Kanteen, Keep Cup, and a container full of food (made up of what was left in our fridge) which would get me through this day, and any travel days to follow, sans waste. 

I was flying from Charles De Gaulle airport which doesn't allow for electronic boarding passes, so I brought an 8.5x11" pieces of paper from our reused paper pile at home (not noticing it was an overdraft notice from my bank haha) to the internet cafe to have the boarding pass printed on. This is one of those situations I suspected would cause a bit of kerfuffle, as neither myself nor the lady who owns the internet cafe speak perfect French, and French is our only common language. Normally, it's not a problem, but normally, I don't ask her to load the machine she makes her livelihood off of with a piece of half crumpled paper I've wandered down the hill with. It was a bit of a selfish thing to ask, and though she was empathetic in her own confused way to my Zero Waste path, she was not best pleased to be aiding me on my journey. We ended up compromising on a misprinted piece of her own paper another customer had left behind, and (I think) she agreed to keep a pile of non-crumpled misprints for me for future printing endeavours. 
I handed off my keys to the dude staying in our Airbnb and decided to drag my suitcase around town to run the rest of my errands. Normally I take the Velib bikes everywhere I go, but with luggage, even just carry on, that option was eliminated. I walked from my house back to Centre Commercial to return the shirts I'd bought for my dad as he's even more of a giant human than my husfriend, and my husfriend was busting out of the XL's I'd bought for my pops (Jeg elsker dig, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, men trods din dejilige Viking kvaliteter, du Danskere er slim Jim's). 

Then I walked over to the Manufacture Onirique to visit my friend Paola who runs the eco shop. She personalised a Sencha & Bourbon notebook for my dad and we caught up, sharing the two cigarettes I mentioned above. I ate part of my lunch there and refilled my Klean Kanteen with water before walking to Gare Du Nord to get the RER (train) to Charles De Gaulle airport (which you have to buy a paper ticket for). 

At the airport I felt quite proud of myself for making it through the security line sans dramas or feelings of alienation with all my Zero Waste garb. I grabbed a decaf organic coffee from Pret-A-Manger, and forgetting about the cigarettes I'd had earlier, sat down feeling quite smug with myself that I'd managed to get through my day without creating any waste. Normally, I would have bought food from Pret to eat on the plane, but as I had brought some with me, I was able to stay away from the packaging to-go food creates. 

As I'd been trying to improve the photo situation of this challenge, I decided to snap some shots of my achievements. This is the first time I've ever done a blogger type thing on my own in public and I was as mortified as I was determined. 
After suitably embarrassing myself, I was impressed to find a water fountain prominently encouraging refills in the departure area and filled up before settling down to wait for my plane. It was a Vueling flight, which means I was able to avoid complimentary snacks or refreshments so it was easy to remain waste free while airborne. Upon arrival at Gatwick, the UK Border Agency required me to fill out a landing card made of paper (because I'm Canadian) which I handed over to them but still counted into my paper waste (hopefully they recycle?).

My dad picked me up and drove me back to his cosy abode for a lovely vodka drink (straight from the bottle, of course) and some organic vegetarian ravioli he keeps around for my youngest brother which he produced from a can as my step-mama the amazing cook wasn't around, and we sat around his lovely log fire catching up and cosying in. 


3 Cigarettes (one the night before, and two this day)

2 Travel tickets (RER & Vueling )

1 Landing card
1 Numi Organic tea package
1 Can of ravioli

My Klean Kanteen

My Keep cup
My Tupperware

1 Section of silk dental floss 

1 Numi organic tea bag

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