Day 182 / 365

Zero Waste Challange Day 3 of 14.
Date: October 3rd
Location: Paris, France
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We slept at my in-law’s hotel again the previous night, with plans to get up at 7AM and head to Montmartre. However, I ended up staying up til 4AM trying to catch up on work and couldn’t get my butt moving til around 9AM. To be a little less obvious that we were hunkering down at the hotel, my husfriend and I avoided the hotel breakfast and I scooted over to the cafĂ© on the corner to do some emails and admin while his mom and step father ate and got ready.

There are certain ways things are done in France, especially when it comes to food. The French take great pride in the culinary experience and my husfriend and I are often seen as barbaric for consuming outside the cultural norms. I ordered a coffee at the cafe, which always came with two cubes wrapped in paper whether you specifically ask for it to be served otherwise, or not. I politely and discreetly returned the sugar back to its bowl and managed to down my coffee waste free. We sat there for about 30 minutes til my mother-in-law came by to say they were ready and would be wandering around nearby. 

We packed up and popped our computers back at the hotel then decided, since we hadn't eaten and it was already past noon, to get a bite from as it was already past noon and we hadn’t eaten we’d try to get a bite from Maision Francart to tide us over until lunch. The shop’s take away gear is all served in compostable containers (which biodegrade in less than 12 weeks) but even so, I wanted to avoid the packaging altogether, so we asked to take our quiche in hand. Eating on the go is frowned upon in France and in this classy gourmet shop even more so, the lady was kind and lovely but insisted we use a napkin and a bit of compostable paper.

The moment we left the shop, my mama-in-law appeared carrying a bag full of food, having generously bought us some food from the same place. We wandered to the Seine and into the rear courtyard of the Louvre to sit down and munch our morsels, taking in, as even the antonym of an aesthete would be forced to, the spectacular beauty this city and its buildings bestow. 

After admiring at the Louvre and wandering through Parc Palais Royale, watching the fashionista's of Fashion Week aggrandize themselves with selfie sticks along the way, we Ubered up to Montmartre to marvel at its magic and munch some food amongst the flocks of artists and tourists bubbling in and around Place du Tertre (no waste created as we sat and napkins were cloth!). We sat in As my step-father-in-law is in a scooter, he wasn't able to climb the stairs at Notre Dame to see the beauty of Paris at great heights, so we had booked a table for sunset Ciel Paris in Montparnasse to enjoy the beautiful purple hues the city has on offer at last light. The view from this restaurant is serreal, with 180 degrees of unblocked beauty at for as far as the eye can see. This was meant to be our last night together so we stayed until dark, enjoying each other's company and a few chilled drinks while snacking on savouries and taking in the scene.



1 Paper napkin

My Klean Kanteen
Compostable Forks (I had my spork on me but the food my mama-in-law bought for us came packed with forks which we'll keep for a rainy day)
1 Compostable bag

2 Food pots with lids
1 Section of silk dental floss 

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