Day 181 / 365

Zero Waste Challenge Day 2 of 14.
Date: October 2nd
Location: Paris, France
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We had slept at our house the night before knowing we would wake up and go down to hang out with my mama-in-law and step-father-in-law for the day. We had tea (compostable tea bags), rice cakes and jam, and our usual rice milk (in a recyclable container) with chia seeds and green vibrance (we buy both in bulk).

I had to get my husfriend to shoot a few pieces for some brands I'm working with as I won't see him for a week once I go to London, so after picking the parents up from their hotel, we walked along the Seine snapping like proper tourists. Normally I stick to unpopulated areas for 'outfit posts' as I get too embarrassed shooting in front of people because I know they either think I'm a narcissist or a blogger - and though I might have turned into both, I don't want anyone thinking I'm either.

We wandered past the bookstalls, where I bought a beautiful vintage poetry book, then on to Notre Dame, which never ceases to amaze me with its magnificent carvings and graceful grandiosity. My in-laws are a chill set of humans who, like me, are just as happy to watch the world go by as they are to move along with it, so after appreciating the beautiful sights, we found ourselves a sunny spot near Pont Saint-Louis and sat down to enjoy the scenery.
At the sight of a cosy cafe, we sat down and ordered wine and a few nibbles, As it was a nice place (the French are pretty regular with their table settings), so I figured the napkins would be cloth and I forgot to tell the server if they weren't that I wouldn't use one. Turned out they were paper and by the time I noticed, it was too late (I also forgot to ask for now straw for our milkshake). I had left the table to take some cash out for a refugee family which was sitting on the corner of the bridge in front of us. It didn't feel right to enjoy extravagances while in full view of people living in poverty. I remained slightly distracted for the duration of our delightful day there, disturbed by the number of people who walked past them on their way to drop money at cafe's and on 'PARIS' souvenirs made in China. The refugee parents weren't much older than me and Shane and their kids were the same age as my niece and nephew, around 1 and 3 years of age.

We stayed until they left, watching them pack up as the sunset, before we too made our way. We'd booked a Bateaux Mouches and made our way down the Quai in an Uber driven by a kind and loving guy (my step-father-in-law is in a scooter and we got super lucky with warm and understanding Uber drivers this week). I ate two candies without even thinking, creating unconscious garbage. Upon arriving, my gorgeous and generous mother-in-law bought two bottles of champagne, I offered to drink out of the bottle but as I've been coughing, no one was interested in my classless ways, and because I'm a lush, I succame to using one of the plastic glasses for champagne.
It was beautiful, standing at the helm of the boat, watching what is arguably the most beautiful city I've seen, and lit up under the night's sky it seemed to beam. I've lived in Paris on and off for two years, but not once enjoyed its splendour from the waters of the Seine.

Once we'd been wooed by the city's bright lights, we returned to my in-law's cosy hotel room and ordered room service snacks before bed (we've been sneaking in and staying over some nights, which is why I've not linked the hotel in), which came with cloth napkins and stunning silver cutlery, so no extra waste was made, while we ate up and recounted how grateful we were for all we have and that serene sunny day.


2 Candy wrappers from the Uber

1 Paper napkin
1 Plastic champagne glass
2 Bottles of champagne
1 Straw in the milkshake I shared with my husfriend

My Klean Kanteen

1 Tea bag
1 Section of silk dental floss 

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