Day 163 / 365

A few months ago, my blogger buddy Kamea, who I know through the Ethical Writers Coalition published her first book called Thrive. Even though I've never met Kamea in 'real life' I felt
my hearts swell with pride to see someone from my community produce a piece of work dedicated to our shared passions: the betterment of self, community, and the world. 

Kamea sent me a copy just before the launch which it has regrettably taken me until now to get through (I'm still working on balancing 'me' time and blogging time).  The book is divvied up into digestible chapters on positive thinking, exercise, nourishment, skincare, and ethical fashion. Though completely comprehensive, it acts in some ways as an introduction to sustainability and wellness, drawing out a clear path towards a greater state of eco-wisdom, ethical awareness, and inner peace.

The book is illustrated by Kamea as well, with beautiful intricate colouring book-esque images which guide you gracefully through the approachable, but academic subject matter (while offering meditative colouring breaks). It succinctly encircles all the themes of sustainability and wellness which need to be brought to our attention with warm and well-researched and modest authority, giving each one a valuable voice. It is, as the title suggests, "an evidence-based guide to healthy living", clearly connecting the relationship between human health and world sustainability, guiding readers to cultivate meaning and embrace sustainability in all areas of their life.

I found her honest and educated descriptions scholastic sustenance for my spirited sustainability stroll and recommend it as a read for those looking to uncover the various layers of personal growth needed to welcome change of habit and shift towards being the change we want to see in ourselves and the world.  

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