Day 161 / 365

When I started this series I used to stick to my weekly themes. At the end of each theme, I'd get a semi-day off from writing by rounding up what I had found into a succinct story for easier digesting. I'm not sure why I broke this habit as it was a good one to keep, so I'm bringing it back with the help of my friends at Austin, TX based magazine, Selva Beat, who originally inspired me to write the zero waste series for. The piece I put together was for their Summer issue and I had planned to create a Vlog to tie up all the long form posts I did on each item with the roundup style piece I created for them. 

You can download your copy of the incredible magazine and dig into the deets on entering into the Zero Waste world by clicking through to SELVA BEATHERE ... I've also put together a super awkward zero waste roundup of me sweating and mumbling in my living room below.