Day 161 / 365
At the beginning of July, my husfriend and I embarked on a trip to Costa Rica, an adventure spurred by my brother-in-law’s wedding. I've broken my reflections on our conscious Costa Rican holiday up into six parts to make for easier reading as we descended from luxury resort to airport floor in sanguine succession. PART 1 (here) | PART 2 (here) | PART 3 (here) | PART 4 (here) | PART 5 (herewere posted previously, below you'll find PART 6 of 6 ... 


Beneath the purifying rays of the sun
Dancing deliriously on everyone
Grateful glows are exposed
Oxygenating ambered souls

Disharmony dissipates
In the embrace of the first wave
And the mind stands still in silence
Finally disconnected from the violence

Ignorance is bliss
Yet this bliss does not miss
The blessed and bountiful breeze
Which whispers its wishes through the trees

Generosity soars
Ingested by tessellating pores
Raising a foreign serene smile
Which rests comfortably for a while

The sun drums above
Awakening dormant love
Embracing a biosphere below
More harmonious than we know

And as colours of surprise
Vibrantly waltz across the skies
Hearts are opened and inspired
By familiar whispers from the wild

Welcomed and interlaced
By this righteous loving place
Sights are soothed when they see
All that truly was, is, or will ever be

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