Day 148 / 365

This summer, like most, was filled to the brim with weddings which we intended, but mostly failed, to attend. Due to the reality of our finances attending one, my brother-in-law's in Costa Rica (the others were in Hawaii and Vancouver), was all we could pull off, but I wanted to love on the brides in some other way, and with the first bridal shower, found the perfect gift to give to all three of them.

In the secret plannings of one bride's British bridal shower, one friend suggested we get her a garter from Agent Provocateur, being who I am doing what I do, the unethical and non-ecological practices of this brand didn't sit right for me, so I kicked back with another idea. Back in February, I had written a piece on sustainable lingerie as part of this #GoneGreen2016 series and I remembered seeing a brand which had been called by another blogger the "agent provocateur of the sustainable world".

So I hunted the brand down and found that not only were they located in the UK (in Brighton), but each garter they create was handmade with love from repurposed vintage wedding dresses, upcycled vintage Nottingham lace (Robin Hood!), Peace Silk and Organic Silk.

I was over the moon as not only is this one of those objects modern brides often forget to get themselves, it also ticks the box of something old, something new, and something blue (I guess you could buy it for yourself and borrow it to a bride for the something borrowed too ... but think that hits a weird realm).

I was so pleased with the first purchase that I also bought one for my sister-in-law, and my bestie here in Paris who's wedding I couldn't attend, to bestow on them in all their bridal glory.

Since my purchases, Ayten Gasson has designed a whole bunch of new styles, including some lighter lace only creations. You can find Ayten Gasson's conscious collections online HERE.

There are some other brands I considered which are eco + ethical as well (I chose a European brand as I wanted to have the product in hand before I sent it), but my fav on the North American side is a brand called The Garter Girl which creates beautiful pieces as well, you'll find her collections HERE.

If you know of any other great garter brands please comment below with all that you know!