Day 141 / 365

There was a time in my early 20s when I decided Evian was my favourite ‘brand’ of water and I ‘only’ drank bottled spring water. I remember thinking tap water 'was gross', and packing the trunk of my car each grocery shop with 30 packs of water bottles to keep in my fridge, thinking I got a deal because the price per bottle broke down to 1.35 each, cheaper than buying them in the shop individually. I was, for a short while, the brainwashed pupil of water industry propaganda, lead to believe that what I was buying was better than what I so ungraciously received for free; safe, clean, drinking water from the tap. 

Something people in most parts of the world only dream of.

Until about 60 years ago, people didn’t use plastic water bottles. Let alone carry it around with them in their bags. They used public water fountains, popped in somewhere, or waited until they got home to quench their thirst. Today, most of us use water bottles daily, some of us even buy packages of them for our home, despite the fact we’re paying 2,900 times the price for water which comes from the same source as our taps. In fact, companies like Nestle are bottling local fresh water (in your community Americans, Canadians, Europeans .. not just far away) without paying a cent for the resource nor the consequences. 

Guess what Evian spelt backwards is? That's right, Naive ...

On top of the health and economic issues, are the ecological issues. It takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce 30 billion water bottles, it also takes more water to produce a bottle of water than the bottle itself withhold, plus, the plastics the bottle is made of, like all plastics, will never decompose. 

Sure, most water bottles can be recycled but water bottles aren't made of recycled plastic and not all plastics are recyclable. To top it off, even recycling plastics produces pollution as it takes energy to recycle, it's not neutral. 

Our society's water bottle habits yet another ludicrous habit we’ve developed because of societal norms. Causing huge strains on the planet from creation of the bottle to the immortal murderous vampire of a thing it becomes and continues to be.

Water bottles create an illogical story which we as humans have a responsibility to edit. Without our patronage, the water companies who are committing these atrocities cannot exist, nor will the bottles, or the pains which come to communities (here and afar), wildlife, and the environment. 

We must commit to ending our relationship with things we use once, and almost immediately throw away.  

Reusable water bottles. One per person, hopefully for life, is enough. It is impossible to create reusable water bottles ecologically or ethically due to the open mining practices used to extract the materials that stainless steel bottles are created from. So buy one you love, use it, and make it last.


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