Day 125 / 365

I'm not much of a makeup girl, my mother passed her good skin on to me which means I don't (think I) need foundations or powders. Sometimes in the winter when I'm ghostly white I use what I have left of my bare minerals pack, but mostly I stick to a bit of bronzer, mascara and sometimes an eyebrow pencil with browcote overtop. If I'm out to impress, I might slap on some lipstick too and lock it in with some lipcote (because I'm a hot mess and otherwise I end up with the majority of it on my teeth / face), but it's a rarity in the summer when the natural glow takes over and does the job one normally needs makeup to do.

This probably makes me a terrible person to do beauty reviews outside the above-listed items in my comfort zone, but as I am pledged to find sustainable switches for all products, I felt comfortable covering blush and highlighter too when I was offered two items from Australian cruelty-free eco brand, Nude By Nature to review.

I chose :
Sheer Light Illuminator
Cashmere Pressed Blush in Pink Lily

Now they work, in all honesty, as a highlighter and blush ought to, my little sister showed me how to apply it: beneath my eyebrows, above my cheekbones, on the bridge of my nose, my forehead, above my top lip in the centre, and on my chin. I added some of the bush beneath my cheekbones which made me look softer all together and more awake, contouring my face and creating a sort of glowy due.

Made in Sydney, Australia, Nude by Nature's entire makeup line is created with high-performing natural formulas which are 100% cruelty-free and PETA certified. It is free of toxins and chemicals using natural ingredients native to Australia, remaining free of synthetics and other nasties.

The reason natural options to conventional makeup are important is that conventional makeup has you basically layering toxins upon your face which are absorbed into your skin. Finding sustainable switches means you can avoid estrogen mimickers like parabens which disrupt our delicate hormonal systems; BHA which is a probable human carcinogen; talc which is a cousin of asbestos, amongst other nasties which you can read about here.

It's not known yet what the long-term cumulative effect of these chemicals are as only a quarter of products which hit the market are even tested for harm. What we do know is our body absorbs and digests everything our skin comes into contact with which is likely one of the reasons why cancer risen dramatically over the last several decades, so much so, almost 41 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

So if you feel more beautiful with blush and highlighter on your face (trust me you're damn pretty without it), try to make sure you're choosing products which are made with a conscious effort to protect you from harmful toxins. If Nude by Nature's products don't work for you, there are thousands of others out there too!

** Just for full disclosure purposes I bought these items from Asos and was reimbursed by the PR company, I was not paid for this post, just offered free product. I don't gain anything from you purchasing through Asos so make sure if you're interested in trying these products you buy from a supplier closest to you, 'tis better for the planet! **
Photos: Me