Day 124 / 365

Seems weird to follow up a post on all the wonderful things my dad owns already with a post on what one might buy him, but as the day of celebrating our father's is quickly descending upon us, I thought I'd help ya make sure you show your papa you care in a conscious way with a few of my favourite eco + ethical gifts for papa type people. 

My blogger buddy Elizabeth from The Notepasser wrote a great piece on 

8 Eco + Ethical Father's Day Gift Ideas

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? These beauties epitomize sophisticated sustainability. Each WeWood watch is made from recycled and reclaimed timber including Indian rosewood, mahogany, coffee tree and teak, each with different healing properties and meanings. The company has teamed up with ‘American Forests’ and ‘Trees for the Future’, and ‘Conservation Volunteers’ to plant one tree for every watch sold.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? This company is incredibly transparent, allowing you to follow them right to their field lab. Each product has a harvest number stamped on it so you can see photos of the plants and the fragrance extraction techniques used to create the item in your hands. They obtain their ingredients by exploring nature with their nose, sustainably wild harvesting each of nature's gifts before wildcrafting their products through 100-year-old perfume-making techniques including distillation, tincuing, infusion and enfleurage. They produce extremely small-batch, trail-made fragrances which are designed as aromatic snapshots, summing up their scents from that day of exploration. On top of carefully monitoring regrowth of their wild grown ingredients, they donate 10% of all their profits annually to a portfolio of Western Wilderness Defence Organizations.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? I’ve never bought anyone a tie, but have recently become obsessed with these ones. They’re from Philadelphia-based Sephen Loidoi and Shauna Alterio who they hand-craft limited edition bow ties and ties out of vintage and deadstock fabrics which they hunt for wherever they go. Each item is made by hand in the U.S.A and packaged in hand-printed recycled materials.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Though they use leather (produced from bovine animal meat production) their slow fashion ethical practices and sustainability processes are incredibly impressive and the people who work there are truly kind. I got my dad a key chain from here a few years back and they custom engraved a sketch I made along with his initials!

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Each set of cufflinks is handcrafted from hand cut recycled vinyl records by the artisan herself! 

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? I met a girl who makes these amazing cork wallets and washbags out of sustainably sourced cork. The entire collection is produced in an eco-friendly an ethical way and they’re super durable. We got my husfriend a wallet and you can even wash it when it gets dirty!

ECO+ ETHICAL HOW? Beautiful Scandanavian designs created consciously with beautifully tailored apparel and product made with magnificent ecological and ethical standards.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? They’re crafted from high-quality organic cotton and made with reinforced heels and toes for durability. They’re also produced with a fairtrade certificate so they’re ethical as well. To top up their goodness each sock supports a cause: Trees for the FutureUNAIDS, Action Against Hunger and Room to Read.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Arm your papa with hot or cold beverages for life while saving the planet from plastic. This portable piece is made to last and with the switch of a cap becomes a coffee cup too.