Day 115 / 365

Perhaps one of the most frivolous parts of the wedding, at least in form of action, is randomly chucking non-biodegradable garbage in the air as a sign of jubilant celebration.

This tradition is one which stems back to the 14th century when nobles used to throw flower petals, perfumed egg shells, and coins while they paraded through the streets in all their wealthy glory. Though the coins weren’t biodegradable (and surely didn't go to waste), the rest was, so if we must continue our traditions for tradition's sake, we may want to consider taking a note from the past and reducing our fantastical footprint by using materials which can return to the earth in one way or another. 

Amazingly and unsurprisingly there are numerous options available which celebrate in a way that harms not:

[Lavender Confetti]
This is a beautiful and spectacularly scented flower makes a great confetti. Traditionally, dried lavender flowers bring luck when given (think thrown counts!) as a gift making this the perfect confetti alternative for loved up celebrations.

[Eco Bubbles]
Make your own DIY eco bubble liquid with castille soap and house it in used glass jars from your recent jarred food consumption. You can use vintage keys as the bubble wand too, avoiding plastic pollution and wildlife harm.

Congratulate the love birds by blessing them with birdseed. An eco-friendly and wildlife-friendly way to show excitement on their special day. 
Where To Buy? You can order them online here, or find out how here to rock out a DIY yourself

Autumn wedding or otherwise, whatever you find lying on the forest floor won’t mind being borrowed. Grab a hole punch and get busy with this eco-friendly DIY.

[Seed Paper]
Perfect for outdoor weddings, each little seed flake is embedded with floral seeds, making it quite possible to leave a field of flowers in your wake.
Where To Buy? (EU) (USA + CANADA) - you'll also find them on Etsy!

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