Day 112 / 365

I won't be the first to tell the tale of the disgruntled bridesmaid and certainly won't be the last. Throughout history, brides have been forcing their best buds into dresses they hate, begrudgingly worn throughout the festivities of matrimony, never to be seen again by the outside world.

In a recent study by U.K based charity shop, Barnado's (a charity shop which donates 100% of their profits to disadvantaged children), it was discovered that most women have adopted a "wear it once" policy to their wardrobes, wearing each purchase only seven times before discarding it. According to the same survey, of 1,500 women interviewed, 33 percent consider their clothing "old" after having worn an item three times or less.  

As it turns out, dresses were the worst offender. Most bought them for a one-off event (like a wedding) then discarded them because of "seasonal changes in fashion trends" or, as one-in-seven admitted because they had been tagged on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and repeating "the same dress for different events was a fashion no-no". 

Eff fashion no-nos.

We should not give a flying flip what anyone else thinks about what we've worn or how often we've worn it, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that from the UK alone, about £100 million worth of clothing ends up in landfills every year, and we've got more clothing in our closet than we know what to do with. 

It seems silly, given how much clothing pollutes the world on every level from cradle to grave, to buy bridesmaid dresses which aren't loved by their wearer or purchased in a fashion that they might be worn again. So, in light of these realities and our combined efforts to reverse them, I give you some bad ass bridesmaids dresses that can be re-worn, or already have been worn by another.

Reformation made their collection of eco-friendly, ethically produced wedding gear with an intention that you'll re-wear. Their dresses are beautiful and bohemian-eque with a romantic, timeless vibe. I spend at least 30 minutes, once a week, drooling over their various collections, dreaming of my next investment buy.

These dresses are more classic and quite fun. They're made from 100% organic silk, cotton, and hemp, or from remnant fabrics and are handmade using fair trade labour. Each piece has organic design elements, everything from buttons and beads to lace and appliques. Plus they're made in my home country of Canada!

If you're into having your girls choose their own style, get some dresses second-hand or vintage in a natural fabric like cotton, bamboo or linen and have someone (like Paola from La Manufacture Onirique and Sencha and Bourbon) who knows their way around natural dye colours dye the dresses in the same tone for you. 

Give someone elses bridesmaid dress a second life by getting them second-hand from a used bridesmaids listing site like: 1. Tradesy, 2. Used Only Once, 3. I Do Gowns

Make an old look new again with vintage pieces from etsy, ebay or any other vintage re-seller on or offline!

For the same price as a fast fashion item, you can rent from beautiful brands on Rent The Runway HERE and borrow your bridesmaids dresses, saving the planet and money.

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