Below is a guestpost written by Sara Weinreb on her brand IMBY and ethical brand with some eco fabrics (listed below!). Sara and I are in the Ethical Writer's Coalition together and I was inspired by her story. You can follow her blog Necessary Trouble for more of her wonderful words! 

I’ve been thinking about mindfulness a lot lately. What does it mean to be mindful of the way I eat? Of how I treat others? Of how I treat myself?

Mindfulness exists in the place between doing and being. How can we bring attention to the way we exist in the world? For me, one of my biggest focuses is clothes— what I choose to buy and wear.

My company, IMBY, lies at the cross section of two things: capsule wardrobes and ethical fashion. For me, mindfulness connects the two with ease. How can we use mindfulness in what we purchase, and how we choose to get dressed every morning?

For the uninitiated, having a capsule wardrobe mean choosing 25 to 40 items that serve as your complete wardrobe each season. The reasons to do so are plentiful:
  1. When you reduce the amount of decisions you have to make getting dressed, your creative energy is freed up for more important things.
  2. You are more conscious about the things you choose to buy, and you only shop with goals in mind (like, I need a fabulous grey t-shirt!), saving you money and saving the planet from waste.
  3. You get to wear items you truly love, and wear them all the time!
I could go on and on about the benefits of building a capsule or lean wardrobe, but the concept is simple: have fewer items, spend less time worrying about your clothes, and getting dressed, in general.

Which leads me to the other issue at hand: being mindful about how your clothes are made. I think it is important to buy clothes that are responsibly made— both in terms of human labor and the environment, or clothes that are thrifted. I selected a few of my favorite seasonless capsule wardrobe essentials to share with you— all use sustainable fabrics or deadstock/surplus fabric (which means fabric from big companies that were going to otherwise be thrown away!). 


IMBY Pantsuit made with surplus fabric FIND IT HERE

IMBY Bat sleeve tee made with modal FIND IT HERE

IMBY Jeans made with surplus fabric FIND IT HERE

IMBY Angela top made with modal FIND IT HERE

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