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Day 99 / 365

I had planned on doing a Vlog post on my favourite vintage shops in Paris but failed to do so due to timing. My partner and I have received rather late notice that we're to be kicked out of our Parisian apartment in 10 days time and have thus been scrambling to secure a new one ever since (if you have any leads on Parisian flats, I'd happily take them in the comments below!).

Vintage is a top eco and ethical #Haulternative for a number of reasons. Wearing what is already in existence allows us to displace the need to make newly manufactured fibres (produced with pollutive oil-based petroleum products which once in created, can’t decompose), or producing new naturally produced fibres which hog fresh water supply and pollute our planet.

Proper vintage is the antithesis of fast fashion, as most of it was made locally and by hand, often by its intended wearer, for their body measurements. It is kind of a magical thing when you find that perfectly fitting vintage items, as your body doppelganger pretty much made it or had it made to fit your exact body and theirs, meaning you are connected tot he past and were destined to stumble upon it and invite it to join you on your journey. Fashion doesn't have to be mindless consumption of stuff and things, it can be serendipitous, romantic, spiritual and magical instead. You just have to open yourself up to the tales it can tell and the stories will begin to flood in.  

Vintage really is a case of ‘get it before it’s gone’ as the clothing produced using our current practices barely lasts a year, never mind a lifetime. I prefer buying mine offline, as nothing gets my blood pumping more than uncovering a piece of vintage magically hidden amongst the goodies in a charity shop, but if you're not a hunter in your gatherings, visiting carefully curated shops is one way to reduce your workload.

Paris is full of quality made garments whether you're buying new, second hand, or vintage - but as a vintage obsesser who has travelled many-a-places hunting for sweet vintage fins, I gotta say this town is pretty damn delightful for fabulous finds. Here are three of my fav affordable and courageously curated shops in Paris.

My Picks

The Kilo Shop
These shops are sprinkled in just about area all over town and offer a hoarders solution to the classic haul. You pay for items based on weight in this well-stocked vintage shop, leaving it up to you to find treasures in their trove. 

Omaya is a haven for cool cheap clothes, so much so, it takes an intense sense of willpower to leave empty-handed. Their curated collection has such a terrific turnover you rarely see something a second time. They also rework their clothing offering some beautiful upcycled finds. They even have a children's and baby section which has stylish vintage gear for little ones too.

Vide De Grenier
Technically not a shop, but by far the best place to get vintage clothing in this town on a budget. They're little street sales put on throughout the Spring where people set up a table with stuff they want to sell and you wander down perusing everything. It's by far my favourite way to shop anywhere in the world, and I've yet to leave one without a treasured relic in hand of some sort.