Day 94 / 365

Fashion Revolution Week aligns with Smart Fashion Week here in Paris which has given me more than ample opportunity to partake in all the goodness that comes with these ethical and ecological movements.

As someone who writes about ethical and ecological fashion daily, it is hard to see celebrities and fashionistas who promote the opposite daily uniting under this week long platform before it all gets pushed to the wayside and they're lives are again taken over by promotion of careless consumerism.

That said, anything that brings attention to the cause is a beautiful thing, especially on a scale of this magnitude, is a positive thing and I hope that the noise made during this week will cause people to pause before they make their way to the checkout and purchase something made mindlessly. 

We in the first world have the power when it comes to making a difference in the lives of others. Our dollar is the strongest vote in the fashion industry and with each purchase, we decide whether or not we support suffering. 

Humans suffer greatly in the fashion industry, from the farmers in fields inhaling chemicals, who taint their own water supply to grow fibres (which they're paid unfairly for) - to the people in factories who work inhumane hours in unsafe working conditions for slave wages - to the society the lack luster clothing is destined for,
which celebrates that suffering through the celebration of ignorance - turning pretty Youtubers who haul these harm filled creations from the mall to their room to brag about their consumption into celebrities, perpetuating the pattern for any 15-minutes-of-fame or pretty gal wanna be to aspire to. 

We who purchase products created thoughtlessly and unkindly are as responsible as the industry who creates them for the continuous brutal attack Fashion commits on humanity and this planet. 

We alone hold the power to obstruct this story, those who make our clothing do not. So whether it be Fashion Revolution Week, or Smart Fashion Week, or Paris Fashion Week or beyond, you must learn to always ask yourself and the brand you're supporting; "Who made my clothes" and also, "What are my clothes made of", because without the answers to both of these questions you're voting against humanity and voting against our
planet and all you get in return is a shitty piece of clothing that will likely not last a year, but the impact of your purchase will last a lifetime. 

So to help encourage the change I try to uphold myself to and dedicate my days to trying to encourage others to join me in, I will be creating a video, each day of this week with #Haulternative(s) for you to consider next time you're in need of a shopping adventure.

Over the next week, starting later today, I will cover the following subjects on the VLOG, you can subscribe to my new baby YouTube channel HERE or follow along on the blog here (I'll post a blog version of each vlog, daily). 

The #Haulternative's I'll be covering this week are:

[Ethical Investment Pieces] 
*going up later today
Part of the #Haulternative solution, investment pieces not only reduce the number of garments you're purchasing, and therefore reduce your purchase impact on the world and its inhabitants. It also helps save the artisanal heritage which has been eroded by mass-produced clothing. Millions of people in the developing world depend on handicraft trade, and I'm going to share one brand that celebrates and employees these forgotten artists.  

[Love Story] 
A story about a piece my mama gave me which has been passed down from her closet to mine. 

[Fashion Fix / DIY] 
How to upcycle your fast fashion clothing to give it a longer life when it begins to fall apart after a few short months.

The beauty of shopping second hand ... in Paris

The beauty of shopping vintage ... in Paris

How to hire your closet rather than buy your closet, reducing your impact on the planet and people.


I'm also a part of two beautiful communities of bloggers and writers, many of whom are participating in Fashion Revolution as well. I've linked in a few stories from one of the communities, the Ethical Writer's Coalition, so you can get your eyes on some other conscious bloggers!