Day 93 / 365

Every year as mother's day rolls around I try to come up with a gift idea for my mama that somehow represents my undying love and gratitude to her for gestating me into human form, painfully bringing me into this world, and raising me from infancy with all the love and wisdom she had to give, which was a big ole bundle of it.

I'm not sure any physical gift will ever properly express my deep Love for the woman who made me, but I've come to realise, a gift which also honours the earth she taught me to love in the same way I love her might be a good starting point. Making it a mother's day gift for mama earth and my mama all the same. 

I rounded up a few eco items, also ethically produced, for your consideration (and mine): 

ONE. [TEA TOWEL by L Remple Designs
ECO + ETHICAL HOW? This Canadian gal makes the most stunningly beautiful hand painted textiles, from tea towels and throw pillows to scarves and swaddle blankets. Each one is created on eco-friendly fabrics and embellished with Lindsey's beautiful watercolour designs using vegetable inks
WHERE TO BUY? Her Etsy site here


ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Paola, the stunning soul who has created this conscious brand makes her products out of a material which is made up of recycled leather scraps. Her collection  of one-of-a-kind handmade bags, wallets and notebooks, made with love in her Parisian studio, La Manufacture Onirique
WHERE TO BUY? La Manufacture Onirique or her website here


[CLUTCH by Leotie LovelyECO + ETHICAL HOW? Shameless self promotion comes in every chance I get, but I'd like to think these babies would make a good gift for your mama. There are tons of styles to choose from, from clutches to totes and makeup bags too. Each bag is handmade in London with limited-edition fabrics which are found and upcycled, either vintage materials, deadstock materials or repurposed materials from charity shops. I then hand craft the details, which for the more recent seasons has been a handcrafted tassel. 10% of each sale goes to a entrepreneur, when the money is paid back it is reinvested creating a circular loan which keeps on growing and giving. You can read more about my creations in the green policy HERE.WHERE TO BUY?

[SOY CANDLE by RewinedECO + ETHICAL HOW? Rewind Candles takes recycled wine bottles (from Charleston, NC) and transforms them into bad ass handcrafted candles, filled with sustainable soy candle wax, and scented with the tasting notes of wine. Not only are these candles unique in their manufacturing process, but they are aesthetically beautiful, and smell delicious. We got one of these babies for Christmas and we've had our noses stuck to it ever since. WHERE TO BUY?

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? The newest addition to La Manufacture Onrique is Paola's collaboration with Labrador Factory with their water resistant, eco-friendly (made with archival green-read recycled paper), hand made, tear resistant creation perfect for mama's who travel. Each one is customized by Paola upon purchase. They're so new they're not yet on the site but you can contact her or visit her at her Paris boutique. 
WHERE TO BUY? La Manufacture Onirique or her website here

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? I’ll always be a big fan of these beautiful bracelets, the owner, Jorge, has worked with me to design the perfect gift (letting me choose custom healing beads for the intended wearer) and letting me send the bracelet back to be updated with new beads once the healing has been done. This has been, and continues to be the most heartfelt and continuously loving gift I have ever bought or given. On top of just being an amazing human Jorge uses eco friendly components in his designs and delivers each mala inside an organic hemp drawstring pouch (to raise awareness about hemp’s endless applications). He even mails the purchase in a 100% recycled paper.WHERE TO BUY?


ECO + ETHICAL HOW? In the basement of La Manufacture Onrique is Paola's studio where she hand dyes her beautiful scarves with various natural concoctions of vegetables and spices. They're stunning and soulful pieces of art which she customizes with the intended owners initials, making an already one-of-a-kind item, completely unique.WHERE TO BUY? La Manufacture Onirique or her website here

photos: 2+ Last = Shane Woodward others = Me!