Day 91 / 365

I did a little VLOG post if you prefer to watch/listen than read the DIY, just scroll to the bottom.

So we have been trying out different eco toothpastes and liked pretty much none of them, except this one French brand Avril, which I've only been able to find online.

As we came to the end of our previous toothpaste I hesitated ordering because the minimum order for (free shipping from) this site is 40€, and I didn't feel like dropping that kind of money on beauty products just because I needed toothpaste. But, we decided to go ahead and get a big round of Dr. Bronner's Soap and double orders of the toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and bamboo toothbrushes (cuz ours are haggard as eff now, as you'll see in the video).

What I didn't account for was the shipping time and thus, for what was a nasty night of dragon breath, we were lacking in toothpaste.

I was too stubborn to go spend money on yet another toothpaste we hated, and almost given in to chewing mint leaves to reduce the 'strength' of my breath, when I remembered my mum used to have a naturopath book with a toothpaste recipe within, so being the adult that I am, I called my mama.

Turns out all you need to make a pretty decent home toothpaste is the following:
  • 1 Tbs Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tbs Baking / Bicarbonate Soda
  • 10-ish Drops of Mint Essential Oil
which I didn't have but managed de-hobbited myself for public consumption and went and collected from our local Bio store.

I decided to just make a tiny bowl to start as we've got our weight in toothpaste arriving soon, but it turned out so well and was so dang easy, I'd cancel my online order if I could. Shane effing loves it and said the saltiness makes the water rinse after taste sweeter. I find it a bit 'baking soda-y' for me, but it totally does the trick.

You can change the denominations as you like, it is basically just one part coconut oil, one part baking soda then mint essential oil drops ... to taste.

- Here's How To Do It -
1. Measure out your goodies (with your bad ass house warming spoons from Anthropologie)
2. Bung it in a bowl
3. Mix It
4. Put it on your toothbrush
5. Do your ABC's - or if you're over 5, brush for 5 minutes til your teeth are clean enough you're not going to have to spend €85 euros at the dentist getting scolded.

- The Vlog - 
apologies in advance for rough lighting and editing, still getting the hang of this medium!