Day 105 / 365

This week has basically turned into a Jaclyn Beales take over, which is more than fine with me, and as I see no need to halt our harmony, I thought I'd post this great roundup of mother's day gift ideas she kindly created exclusively for Leotie Lovely!

I've also posted my own mama's day round up a week or so ago, which you can click on to here.
In case you've missed the past few posts by wildlife advocate, Jaclyn Beales, I'd love to introduce her again! Jacalyn writes on the issues and conflicts threatening the world’s wildlife and advocates for the conservation of Africa’s lions. You can follow her heart wrenching stories on her blog here. She also, super kindly, writes post on beauty and other palm oil products when she's inspired to search for a new product herself, and she gives them to one of her fellow writers to publish (like this one!). I'm super grateful to have her work shared on here and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do! Below are her words. 

For all of us North Americans out there, Mothers Day is just around the corner. And because were all busy working peeps, Im willing to hedge a bet that many of us will go with the ol standby gift of flowers and maybe a pair of slippers or a scarf for good measure. But in the spirit of gift-giving and the fact that moms are just straight up awesome its time we all collectively stepped er up a notch and got our mothers something truly unique and, well, not from the slipper family.

Whether she's your best friend and confidant, the family matriarch, the one who grills your significant others about their job/education/family values, or all rolled into one, our moms deserve a token of appreciation on a day that dates back as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans. Thats why weve curated this handy gift guide chalk-full of pretty stellar ideas gifts you can give mom this Mothers Day. Or any day because, lets be real, our mothers are champs for putting up with us all these years, am I right?

For the Candle Enthusiast

If your mom happens to love candles and green living, then shell probably love these candles, too. Noble Beeswax Candles, a Canadian brand based in Vancouver, makes cute candles from 100% Canadian beeswax, while Woodlot produces palm-free candles made with renewable coconut wax. Both Canadian brands are perfect choices for gifting a deliciously-scented candle to the candle enthusiastic moms out there this Mothers Day.

When Your Mom Deserves a little TLC

Who doesnt love a spa day? No one. But sometimes our busy moms dont have the time to spend hours at a spa for some R&R. Try gifting her a beautiful bottle of bath oil or a salt soak instead, which can help her relax and unwindsans day spa.

For the Moms who Appreciate a Good piece of Jewellery

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but these stunning statement pieces will definitely be your moms. From delicate earrings and aztec-inspired wrist bling, to geometric adornments for the neck, we bet your mom will be impressed with your shopping skills. Its certainly no coincidence that these pieces can be worn together, maybe completing your entire gift list? Yas Queen!

For the Spiritually in-tune Mom

If your mom is anything like mine, then you know all about smudging your space and clearing out bad vibes. Were all about light and positivity, and you can gift your mom with exactly that thanks to these beautiful clearing tools and spell kits to keep her most lived-in spaces free of the bad stuff and full of calm.

For the Chef

For moms who love cooking up a storm or trying new things, you cant go wrong with a unique kitchen accessory or artisanal, small-batch condiments. Like Bees Wrap, an innovative and green method for conserving foods, or Kitten and the Bears delectable compotes. Both items go hand-in-hand and are the perfect pairing as a gift for the culinary goddess in your family.

For the Wine Enthusiast

For those moms out there who like a good glass of vino, forgo the standard bottle of wine and opt for a subscription box instead. Club W, a wine box subscription service with a focus on sustainability, allows you to gift subscriptions for wine boxes to loved ones so they can try new wines and learn more about their favourites. Whether our moms are sommeliers or just straight up wine lovers (arent we all?) this is a unique and pretty cool gift for Mothers Day!

For the Green Thumb

We cant all be gifted with the miraculous ability to keep plants alive (for some reason, houseplants and me just dont mix) but moms tend to have the magic touch. If your mom is a garden enthusiast, or simply loves flowers, let her try her hand at starting her own garden. From kits to seeds, this is a wonderful way for your mom to start her own garden.